Virtuous Life ~ Week 1

I love what A.I. Strong writes in The Complete Green Letters.

When God wants to make an oak (tree), he takes 100 years, but when he wants to make a squash, He takes six months.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be in oak tree for Christ, then a squash any day. 🙂

Chapter 1 starts out asking the question: What is virtue?

Good question right? I honestly had to stop and pause….According to my dictionary, virtue is: moral excellence; goodness; righteousness; good or admirable quality or property. If we are a virtuous wife we show conformity of one’s life and conduct to moral and ethical principles; uprightness; rectitude.

I like Matthew Henry’s wise commentary on the word
“virtue,” found in Proverbs 31: A virtuous woman—a
woman of strength (so the word is), though the weaker
vessel, yet made strong by wisdom and grace, and the fear
of God: it is the same word that is used in the character of
good judges (Ex. 18:21 ), that they are able men, men
qualified for the business to which they are called, men of
truth, fearing God. So it follows, A virtuous woman is a
woman of spirit, who has the command of her own spirit and knows how to manage other people’s, one that is
pious and industrious, and a help meet for a man… A
virtuous woman is a woman of resolution, who, having
espoused good principles, is firm and steady to them, and
will not be frightened with winds and clouds from any
part of her duty.

To live a virtuous life we must exercise; strengthen those muscles which allow us to show, through our behavior and though words, the virtues we hold in our life. If we continue to battle our flesh; when we walk in the Spirit, we serve His will. And in turn we strengthen our character, we hold more joy, and we provide a greater testimony to those eyes that see us go about “work” each day. And we are called to virtue. With His grace and His love and His power, we can live in glory and virtue (2 Peter 1) 🙂

We need virtue in order to serve God; we grow in virtue when we walk in faith. When we love Him and seek nothing but that which pleases our Lord. When we are willing to cast aside our own desires and put off our “self” we grow in virtue. Its hard work. I remember being told that being a Christian “is not for the weak of heart” and I can attest to just that. IN my walk with the Lord, oh the struggles I have had. The attacks and spiritual warfare I have faced. We need a heart of humility. And we need faith. We can never have too much faith!

I pray that I shall daily exercise in my life, that I may live a virtuous life, one that is pleasing to the Lord and brings about much fruit! ❤


Our virtues are like crystals hidden in rocks.
No man shall find them by any soft ways, but by
the hammer and by fire.
– Henry Ward Beecher


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