No More Perfect Kids ~ Day 12

“Loving deeply means allowing kids to make mistakes without the consequence of our anger. Kids make mistakes because they’re learning and growing.” Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch, NO MORE PERFECT KIDS

I admit it, I am less grace full than I would like to be. Some days, especially with my kids, I tend to think because we “learned that one yesterday” it is no longer a visitor in our home. Unfortunately with children more often than not, mistakes are made, repeatedly.

Every day is a new day. Each morning I say I am going to show less anger, and more grace. More love and more wisdom. Too many days I fail in this. We have to be somewhere and shoes are nowhere to be found (again), I have the peel the kids out the door…there is the fight as to who sits where … one is tired, the other just doesn’t want to go ..

And in this mess, I forget how blessed I am. I forget that my oldest son (who is older than his years and knows it all, just ask him) is really only 8. And my four year old and my two year old, they too are children. Learning and growing. Exploring the how’s and why’s of life. There are attitudes, or personalities as I prefer to call them; one is very independant, the other two cannot be without momma for one second. Its stress, its high pressure. And I would not change this for the world.

But next time when things go wrong, as they often do, when mistakes are made; messes are left I have to ask myself…is this rebellious or childish? Deliberate or accidental? Then I need to take a deep breath and show lots of love and lots more grace.



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