Worn ….

I am just feeling so very blah; restless and achy and tired…How I wish we could just go home already. SO many loved ones close to me that I am feeling frustrated with … SO many I do not know but I can feel their desperation, I can sense how lost they are….How ready to give up. And give in.

I KNOW with my God nothing is impossible…but I am so tired and worn out. Do you ever feel this way?

We have put the brakes on the regularly scheduled education and are currently trying out some unschooling. For a time. As I rest. And pray, and seek His face a bit more. Because I am tired. I am worn and struggling to remember that in the end, we do win.

Do you feel it? A heaviness about us as of late too? A pressure….waiting….hesitating…?

Its a feeling of being so *alone* lately….for lack of a better term! It’s hard to stay focused right now. And those I have been trying to teach and lead and share with … its a struggle..is like they get it and they don’t . …frustrating to see too those who get saved and yet are not showing fruits….It’s not my salvation and yet I tend to make it my burden. A concern for their fate; a concern for their walk with God. And I get stuck worrying about the message that others see in them, and in myself too… After all, is it not so true that for some people, we are their Bible?

Time is short; we must not sit idly by. Must wipe our faces; and get back on our feet. One plants, one waters but God provides the increase. Lord help us to not grow weary in well doing because if we faint not, we will reap! Help us to remember to not get caught up in the cares of this world. Help us to remember that the battle is yours and that you provide rest to all that are weary. In Jesus name!


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