The Bravest Knight ~

It’s reading time! Do you remember Poppins Book Club? It’s a fabulous and fun online book club! This is my first year being a part of it all and am I (and my kids too) excited! We love to read!

So the topic for this month was Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Castles, and so on. Isn’t that fitting for two boys who love to battle and build? And of course a little princess who is always needing rescue. 🙂

So we read The Bravest Knight by Mercer Meyer.  And did we ever have such fun with this one. It is short enough and simple enough to entertain even the smallest one while still being truly entertaining for my oldest son. An imaginative, exciting journey.

It begins: “I wish I lived a thousand years ago. There would be beautiful castles, kings and queens, good knights, bad knights, fair ladies in danger, evil dragons from the mountains, and a giant troll that roars and eats anything.

Who doesn’t wish, as a child, for this experience? I admit I can get lost in a good book and at times, come out, wishing I could have really been there.

Cardboard and duct tape…a bit of aluminum foil – tada! Two boys have swords to “do battle against the terrible troll.” 

All knights need armor as well to keep themselves safe in battle.and we were happy to find a way to create that as well with left over cardboard laying about.

You can download a whole file for making full armor (turns out there is this thing called a cardboard tube tournament, check it out: ). How awesome right!

We did add duct tape, especially around the edges and such to enforce it a bit more. My boys know how to rough house; let’s try to make these last! They also got to paint them, and make them their own. My oldest really enjoyed designing his own shield. And if a cable for the camera was not off missing we would have the image of it here.

Next month we are reading and enjoying Wizards and my kiddos and I are already planning on creating lots of wizard-like fun ! Please remember to hop on over to all of the other  blogs that are a part of Poppins Book Nook this month and see what fun they were up to too!



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