EEME ~ Lightbulb!!

My husband is an electrical engineer ~ He believes in the importance of learning about electronics. (me? not so much.) But both of my boys (4 and 8) are quite curious about how things work; when there are tools out they have to be there. They want to tear it apart and put it back together again (or try to anyway) Critical thinking. Problem solving. Electricity. Quite the combination. 🙂

Enter EEME ~ Online lessons and simple electronics project kits for kids. This is an electronics project/curriculum for kids 7-12. And how exciting to have the chance to try one out ourselves.

For so many, like myself, there just isn’t anything out there to help teach something like this. I am mostly unable to wrap my mind about concepts like this; it is harder for me to get the hang of anything technical really. And my husband works – makes for late nights and cranky kids if we try to wait for him. And even then, so much more needs to go into the what and how and why…Neither of us has the time to create something like that.

EEME offers online videos  with a 5 month project subscription. Every month for 5 months, you receive a kit in the mail. Using the videos online, you learn about the basics of electronics and build a neat project too. 🙂

EEME has some really fun freebies you can access on their site too. There is the virtual LED circuit project; using your web browser, you play and build an LED circuit. The other is a series of videos about a multimeter, an essential tool in electronics (who knew?).


We received a Project Genius Light “an intelligent light circuit system that automatically lights up in the dark, and dims when it is bright – How cool is that!!  The project kit comes with all the materials needed to build the Genius Light (a breadboard, resistors, circuits, LEDs, battery). Ours was the Pro subscription plan version of Project Genius Light so we received an enclosure cover, nuts and thumb screws –  the more economical Basic plan  does not include these but both plans have identical educational experience!

My boys love flashlights and nightlights….This was such a perfect project for them to receive!  🙂

Now I have to admit, this was over my head. We opened this one up right away (after being on vacation for a week maybe my thinking cap was not on right yet too) so I put my husband and my son’s grandpa in charge of this one. Supervising the boys (* & 4) of course. After we logged in and were “in” the online curriculum they laid all the materials out. We had to make sure the boys knew what it all was. As we went through the videos, I noticed my oldest, he wandered a lot. One of the reasons we re home educators. My day dreamer, he has a difficult time focusing on many things for a long time and the videos were quite intense for him .I have to say though grandpa and my other son (4) were fascinated. My husband *the electrical engineer) said it was a bit too involved for our boys. (My 4 year old disagrees haha)

This was a day project to ensure that my oldest could really get it. There is a lot involved but the videos are excellent (I watched myself) The details and steps for the project are very simply laid out and you see it being done. We did a lot of pausing, a lot of “rewinding” and repeating of things. But that is okay. It is all a part of learning. Especially something as complex as this. I do say though EEME really knows how to make it easier, more tangible. I mean where else can a four year old really get a chance to learn and get hands on experience with electronics? And build his own light too!

It is wonderful that we parents don’t need to know anything about electronics to do these projects, everything is in the videos. My kids were excited to see this arrive in the mail and while it was a rocky time, we really enjoyed learning together. It is amazing what they can do when they have the opportunity (and us moms too!) We will definitely be enjoying more of these projects ourselves as our boys get older. This really sparked a deeper curiosity about “how it all works” and brought about quite engaging conversation too. Did I mention, there are quizzes at the end of each bit just to make sure we all really understood what was being taught. Nice!

Having now built their own light, their first real project there is a joy to the struggles and the time involved, the hands on, it really makes the learning stick. And I think gives them a greater appreciation of the need for perseverance and endurance in learning. Something new. And meaningful.

Sign up to build a virtual electronics circuit and preview the video courseware for our physical hands-on projects for FREE at:

EEME also offers monthly subscriptions for electronics project kits. Each subscription comes with a new kit every month complete with all the electronic components needed to build a new project. In fact this is such an awesome company that they are offering a promotion of up to 25% off the 1st month – starting at $13.95 for the Basic Plan (does not include project cover or hardware) if you sign up using this link:

Each month’s project builds on the previous month’s knowledge and interactive quizzes reinforce kids’ understanding of the why’s and the how’s. This is a way to provide a curricula that will teach kids the fundamentals of electronics, while fostering their curiosity and critical thinking skills.

There are two plans they offer, starting at $18.95 per month.


Follow EEME here to stay up to date on all the great products:



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  1. I reviewed this last year and ours didn’t work – even with several emails and pictures we couldn’t get ours to work 😦

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