No More perfect Kids ~ Day 13

“To easily praise God necessitates a thinking pattern of gratitude. Our children need to hear us thank God for creating them the way He did. We need to model acceptance and even joy over them, down to their hard-to-brush hair, tendency to break into song, unending energy, and insatiable curiosity.”   Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch, NO MORE PERFECT KIDS

We are all so very different. Unique; made in His image.

Isn’t that something amazing to consider?

It’s hard to wrap my mind around; the depth of His power and love. Creativity too. 🙂  Each and every one of us “in His image”. Created for a unique and special purpose. Every. One. of. Us.

Sometimes I forget how awesome and precious my children are (I admit it! lol)  Those days when it is all a struggle, nothing seems to go right, it all gets spilled, tracked through the house, messed up and messed down. …

It’s hard to focus on those special, wonderful things. The mess that gets made because of their excitement about something. The joy that causes a cup of milk to fly across the room; simple pleasures in mud pies and hands full of worms. These can all translate into wonderful things: energy, creativity, a desire to learn, love for friends and family, life, joy, gratitude…If we choose to see these things in this way.

I love how it is written:

“Accepting the person He created us to be is a crucial step in helping our children embrace who they are.  As they understand and realize some of the challenges they have, we can demonstrate to them the ways to look at that thing, that crazy hair, their shorter stature, the inner desire to not speak until spoken to, square in the face, understand it is there, and understand that God created them unique and beautiful.  He loves them completely, including that “thing.”

We love them as He loves us. We all have our little quirks. We all have things that we do not like so much about ourselves. Others too.But there is a power that comes from raising our children, knowing, that they are loved. That they are His precious creation. And ours too. We cannot love others if we do not love (and cherish) ourselves The good and the “bad”. Let us help them to learn how to appreciate how they were made and to see opportunity in those things that may not be how they would like them to be.

There is so much for our children to learn. So much for them to face, challenges, struggles, new experiences.. Let us make sure that they know how grateful we are, how blessed we feel, that they are a part of our family. Even on those days that are all a blur, when I am glad to see them off to bed, I have to make sure they know, I love them as they are. Even with that little “thing” that may drive me nuts. 🙂


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