Poppins Book Club ~ Around the World with Raf

We are really enjoying being a part of Poppins online book club! The theme? “Where in the world?” 🙂

We came across something very new at our local library. We just could not choose one place in the world to read about; could not agree on just one book and SO across the world we go.

Raf was Ben’s favorite stuffed toy. But when he gets lost, what an adventure Raf begins on! This is such a fun book; especially since geography is not something my kids really enjoy. Yet. I love how we get to explore with Raf, around the world,as he is found and lost again by many different people.

Each page is a postcard from Raf to Ben; silly little details. For my older son it was fun trying to guess where Raf was writing from based upon his little note to Ben on the postcard. And on each page, in the lovely illustrations, if you look close enough you might see Raf.

We have a giant world map that we like to pull out now and then. It was great fun to bring it out and find every location that was in this book, as we read.  On the map are some fun little facts for kids to learn too.  My oldest loves puzzles so trying to figure out where it all was made this lots more fun for him. Kept him involved too since this is for smaller kiddos really. This was a great book, and time, for all of us imagining it all. Makes for great pretend play too!

So this was our time with Poppins Book Nook. Looking forward to the next one to come.


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