It’s Hard Work

Being a mom is tough. I consider every year how far we have come. And are far we have to go. Not everyone can do it. Certainly there are many out there who are struggling more than I, some struggling less than I. Either way motherhood is not for the feint of heart.

How often do you find a job that is as nearly as rewarding though? What work could we do with our hands and our hearts; putting body and mind and soul through the ringer most days, and come out still knowing “it is good”.

Children are a challenge they will try us, they will embrace us. We will love them and cry for them. We will laugh with them and make messes with them; other days we will just be on our knees. For them. We have to see it in the right perspective.

I am trying to focus on eternity. I am striving to remember that only God makes us good. We need to be holy. We need to have the mind and heart of our Lord. If only my children come away with that. Glory to Him.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch them learn. To see them grow. It is heartbreaking, it is inspiring. How they figure things out; some days I do believe I see the wheels turning- I see the light go on. Other days I worry that it has shorted out. haha

Whatever the day it is their joy; their simple and faithful nature that I just love. It is a blessing to have in my life. This thing called motherhood – it is not easy, it isn’t always pretty – it is so worth it.



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