The Brinkman Adventures ~A Schoolhouse Review

I have always loved those old time radio shows; I remember sitting and listening with my grandparents now and again as a child. I have many fond memories of this very thing and so when I had the chance to review The Brinkman Adventures Season 2, Episodes 13-24, by The Brinkman Adventures,(, I jumped on it.

Brinkman Adventures ReviewThe Brinkman Adventures is full of exciting adventures, all showing God’s love for His great creation. The Brinkman Adventures contains 12 action packed episodes on 4 CD’s.You can purchase the Brinkman Adventures on CD or as MP3 files. The CD’s retail for $25 (shipping is free), and the MP3 files are $17.  That’s for over 5 hours of entertainment that big and little ones in your family will love. 🙂

Episodes include:

1. The Mystery Ring

2. Blue Hat & T-Shirt Bible

3. How Big is Your God, part 1

4. How Big is Your God, part 2

5. Mexico by Bus

6. Treehouse Academy

7. Pirates of Mayan Island

8. Sapphire Slaves, part 1

9. Sapphire Slaves, part 2

10. Hadi’s Choice

11. Castle of Secrets

12. On the Run

Brinkman Adventures Review


Now these audio drama’s are all based off of real life experiences, of real life missionaries, in the field, which makes it extra fun for my oldest son (who dreams of preaching the Gospel around the world one day). We have had many missionaries come through our church very recently and it really has inspired our family in many ways to reach out. To be a missionary in our own backyard. My son who is 8, loved how one speaker said that if you cannot share the Gospel with your neighbor you have no business taking the Gospel to another part of the world. So true too. And sometimes, can I speak for some families out there, its hard with little ones finding that niche; feeling like you really are reaching out when you are often feeling shut in. I say this in as loving a way as possible of course. 🙂

It is so hard nowadays to find material that is inspiring and exciting while also pointing us towards the Lord. But these dramas, they are fun to listen to while you drive; while completing work outside. They sure do make yard work a much more pleasant experience. Each tale is so unique, so real and down to Earth and full of Godly wisdom. These are things that can really help our children develop a strong character; its like a peek into the life of missionaries too. Because let’s face it, how many of us will really ever, be out there?

Random Lake, Wisconsin … My sons both (ages 4 and 8) caught this and it’s like (before these were fun but the focus was off and on) suddenly this was something close to home. They could not get enough of hearing about the golden ring at the bottom of the lake. It inspired my son (4) to learn how to swim so he too can one day find something in the bottom of the lake. From there they searched for “real pirate treasure” – No matter that I say pirates are still real today; its not true unless they hear it from another. lol  So many battles and adventures in every tale; it leaves you on the edge of your seat really. And while my boys do love to act these out, along with the reading, I prefer to close my eyes and imagine (once I thought I was quite the adventurer – in my younger days ) Regardless we both enjoy how each and every show is so completely focused on the Lord and on His will for our lives. Truly glorifying to Him!



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