Going Home?

Ever have one of those days you just wake up feeling heavy? Feeling down?

Wishing I could just go home and then feeling guilty that I am not about His business instead. Some days, out of nowhere, sorrow, tears – overwhelming – So dark, so many so lost and not even knowing….Sad for them and feeling grateful and loved that of all those out there, He chose me.

What love it is that took me out of where I was. Who I was, I can only imagine His love, that He wanted me when I was in some of the darkest places. When I filled myself full of nothing but poison and deadly things. So long ago it seems, and yet its like I have been living for Him for a lifetime. And more.

I look around; I hear family and friends who do not know Him; who just do not know their need. It’s so sad to think – He is coming back. Soon. And this time as a lion; His wrath will be poured out. I pray that He comes soon; then I pray that He would keep me about His business. As tired as I am, as hard as it is to feel “at home” in this world – it’s not about me. But about those who have not heard His call; who have not yet had the chance that I did.

Overwhelming. His love. His mercy. His grace.


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