THE Curriculum for Creativity ~ ARTistic Pursuits Review

It is almost impossible for non-artistic, creatively challenged me to incorporate art into our days in a way that everyone enjoys! So it was a blessing for me to be chosen to review the ARTistic Pursuits Curriculum.

ARTistic Pursuits ReviewWe received the Early Elementary K-3, Book 3: Modern Painting and Sculpture by ARTistic Pursuits. The book is geared towards children ages 5 and up; Kindergarten through 3rd grade. There are a total of 36 lessons; each one speaks to a certain style and artist and provides directions for a project. In some cases there are discussion questions and even lists of recommended reading or viewing materials. (Nice for a book lover like me! haha) The curriculum costs $47.95; this does not include  the art supplies.

Created by Brenda Ellis, herself an artist and homeschool parent, who makes quality art instruction and projects for families through ARTistic Pursuits. The curriculum incorporates composition, art history, and media while teaching the child how to think artistically. The whole program is about creative discovery as children learn the methods, tools and techniques of art in its many forms 🙂

The lessons are all about 2-3 pages long but they are very simple, easy for my son, with a rather short attention span, to complete and understand too. As an example, lesson 9, was “Cassatt Paints Life at Home”. The first two pages discuss the history and time of the artist and teaches a bit about the style of art (in this case impressionism).  Following that are discussion points, or questions, to encourage creative thought, in the student. Lastly, there is a project page; in this case “Paint People at Home”.  Turns out my son is more of a Picasso than a Cassatt. haha

This book covers Modern Painting and Sculpture, such as Assemblage, Abstract Art (my son’s favorite!), White Paint with Gouache, Monet, Action Painting (now this IS fun), and Realism. It is truly a wonderful tool for learning and involving your family, in the world of art.

We used this regularly, because of my oldest son’s love for all things art (He is 8) and my four year and and two year old were as involved as they could be too. We read together each day, and talked, as much as we could, about the piece of art shown and the time and style of the artist. Some of this was just too much for my son; he was mostly excited about the projects! We jumped around a lot too; no real order to how we used this. It was such fun though to see what caught his eye each day.

There is a rather long list of supplies needed at the beginning of the book; it really isn’t as bad as it looks though. We actually went to our local craft store when the book first arrived and made sure to get all the good stuff right away. If you prefer though, they do offer supply packs as well.

This is definitely a very handy tool to have in the cabinets! I love how easy it is to use; the directions are simple and some days I found my son just working on his own, on the projects i this book. So they are THAT easy. And its something kids looks forward to, at least mine did, and they can be pretty hard to please. ha-ha

CAM01164We are still working through this curriculum but I say, we definitely will be using their other volumes as we move forward. I love the variety of materials my kids got to use (things i never would have considered – gouache – plaster – clay – chenille and gesso) It was a wonderful combination of history, and art, sensory and composition/media that I never could have done on my own. Really.

CAM01166If you are not sure that this is the one for you; perhaps your kids are older or are more interested in another style of art? Do read the other reviews as there are others for the older kids too (ages 11-18). I do believe there is something for the little artist in every one of us, within these books. Enjoy 🙂

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You can find ARTistic Pursuits Inc. on Facebook and ‘like’ them, so you can be in the know! 🙂


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