Unschool … What?

I think I have mentioned before that I am considering unschooling for a time at least, with my oldest son. We are at a cross roads I do believe and I worry if we focus too hard (and fight too much) on all the big stuff, its only going to squash his love for learning later in life. I want to see him enjoy and seek out opportunities. I hope to see him find a spark and fan it with a passion for whatever it may be.

I do not want my son to learn to sit still and repeat after me. I am all for memorization of some things but without understanding, without knowing the application of it all to their own life…What is the purpose?

I consider in all things, of course, what the Bible has to say. For a long time, honest, I thought uschooling was a chaotic thing. It was what we did when we didn’t want, or know, what to do. Total freedom for our kids. However as I have read and talked with those who do use this method with their children – what a rich experience this can be! A way to teach responsibility, respect, independence, communication, how to value people and opportunities…I could go on.

Perhaps Jesus believed in home education; after all He taught His disciples and they were never far from Him. They did it ALL together. They lived together so that could further exude his example. His values. Of course with this comes our responsibility to be sure of our values, of our reasons and our cause. Our children will be what they see (some days I am not so proud of me) but what a joy it can be when we do it ALL together!

I do believe perhaps unschooling caa be one of the best ways to encourage and grow our children’s faith and our children’s gifts as they follow His lead (with supervision of course!)

Right now we are doing what is called “deschooling”; basically we are getting into a place where a love of learning can be reborn. WE are free to relax; enjoy each other. We explore different things as they come to mind. Perhaps a trip to the zoo, maybe a worm habitat outdoors, we are growing tadpoles (they are actually froglets now) and we create art and explore music. We learn Spanish, German, Chinese. We play in tents, read lots of stories, listen to some old radio shows, write and illustrate our own … Resparking imagination; opening doors….Making curiosity come alive again.

Slowly we will return to academics but for now, we are focusing on the great outdoors, this giant world that really isn’t that big when you think about. We are focusing on living in a way that is pleasing to the Lord and reaching out more to those who are in need. Being a friend. Being full of truth and love in all things. We all need those. And today, reaching out. not through a phone or email or chat or text, is a lost art. I do not want my children to be unable to show and love face to face. ❤




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