Random 5

This is a first ~ Something fun! Perhaps you could join us? 🙂

1) Listening to the rain fall this morning; a few rumbles of thunder in the distance. I love the sound of falling rain! (this is good too since I did some planting this week too)

2) Our lizard lost a part of her tail. This morning I woke up to see tail on one side of the tank, lizard on the other side. They grow back; it isn’t as uncommon – bound to happen I know …still…Unsettling. Poor lil thing Just for good measure! My husband says its a girl thing ~ Girls and ponies ~ So must be a guy thing that he wants pigs and goats and chickens?

5) I want to read. I have a pile of books, some I was blessed with as review copies others ones I have been struggling to get through for some time. I do love my books. And my coffee/tea….

Favorite things! 


One thought on “Random 5

  1. I keep adding to my To Be Read pile of books. I really need to stop that. I love the sound of rain too, just so long as there is no thunder involved. I think my girls would have loved to see the tail off of the lizard. We were just talking about geckos recently.
    Have a happy Mother’s Day!

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