What I am Reading

I have not been as diligent in my studies and readings as I would like to be in the past few weeks. So I am trying a new thing; I am going to share my latest five with you. What I have read, and reading, or are about to read. And if you care to share; by all means do! 🙂

I guess maybe I am struggling in my role as a Biblical woman, or at least, I will say, wanting more. So I was intrigued by this one; Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior. I admit, I tend to be  a bit hard on myself. I am an extreme introvert and at the same time a very sure and outspoken, kind of gal. I guess warrior is a good word to describe me (when I must be one!) It was such an affirming read; God created men and women each for a very special role and I need to remember that and embrace that  strong spirit He gave to me. There are many ways we can be fierce and still be living according to His will and His word. We are in a battle after all; marriage is a type and a shadow of we who are His bride ~ It is powerful when it is glorifying to God alone. In the words of the author herself: “…as you read, take moments to pause, ponder, and pray. May you encounter the Lord of Battles within these pages and receive insight and instruction for serving Him as a soft warrior—the Fierce Woman who is empowered by the Spirit and softened by His grace.”(2). This is a read that will change your life, and your mind; one that has power within the pages!

I have always believed that as mother’s our first and most important ministry is to our home and our family. It’s a challenge though to stay focused; to stay refreshed and excited. Especially with little ones; it isn’t always pretty. I mean honestly they fight, they cry a lot, the messes….always messes … the training up of a child is not for the faint of heart! And I myself have been feeling drained; tired and ready to throw in the towel. Great timing when I get a copy of Beyond Bath Time: Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role. Just what I needed. I love how right i the beginning she talks about what we think motherhood is, Lies over coffee. She says (pg 84) “Refuse to narrow your vision to all the little things and fix your eyes on what Jesus did for you and is doing through you and your children.” Throughout the book are “Wise Words” and some are so very inspiring. From scripture to statistics that relate to motherhood and child training, these are there to give us focus. To help us see that this is not a burden but a blessing indeed. She ends the book with a plan; a way to makeover your role of mom and stick with it! I need that do you?

Do you have doubts? Do you believe in Jesus? I know too many who are sure of the story the Bible tells; so many I have been praying for. It was another read that came along at a very fitting time; its a small book too so I was able to read most of it in just a few sittings. (With little kids that says a lot!! lol) Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection was an excellent and thought provoking read. I marked this one up good! He speaks in such a way that you know you are not alone; that you are not wrong for doubting but wise to question and not just blindly follow what another has told you. There is no condemnation just truth. Many of live a secular life before we come into the faith; many of us had to struggle and fight with faith and perhaps some in the faith still do. Are we not to pray for Him to help our faith to become greater as we walk with Him? As the author says “there must be doubt that we can  believe.”

I have a daughter. She is only two but one day ~ These days go fast by the way ~ She will be a true woman of God, I pray! Having not been raised in the faith; my childhood as I recall it was not a Biblical one. Not that I am complaining about that but it sure can be tricky to raise a child for Him. Becoming God’s True Woman…While I still Have a Curfew, is I think, a fun and easy read for young girls who are finding their way, and place, in His word. There are many young ladies I know, between church and outside activities who I also want to ensure I can support and mentor if and when I am needed to do so. This is a fabulous book; Time to Think and Time to Pray follow each chapter and topic discussed. This could be such an excellent tool for a study group too. There are honest, real life experiences and issues within all these pages; girls can relate to it and better understand what His plan is and what His word says. Because it isn’t about teaching our kids to do what we want them to do so much as about having the heart and mind of Jesus that makes you want to follow His way.

I need to finish reading this one. I have such a hard time reading on my kindle some days. But since I have always been intrigued by the women of the Bible, Memorial: The Mystery of Mary of Bethany was a must read for me. This is overflowing with scripture, and I love that! It’s a Bible study 🙂 From the moment you begin to read, there are revelations ~ All shown with His word. She clears up any confusion regarding the “myths” surrounding Mary of Bethany. I admit to thinking at one time, she was the sinful woman in Luke 7 or Mary Magdalene even but this is not the case and if you follow scripture will show it too. There were some times when it was obvious the author took some liberties here and there with the story she told; of course scripture leaves many questions unanswered so I guess while this was an excellent read and very eye opening in some ways, we must also remember to always hold all things to the light of His word. There are many sweet lessons woven within this book though if you read slowly, carefully. She says (the author)  one of the major problems with professing Christians today is: “As Christians who possess the gift of eternal life and the presence of God in our hearts, our focus should be more on the Lord who saved us and less on ourselves…”  I cannot say AMEN loudly enough. And I too am guilty of thinking too much of me and not enough of Him some days. Either way we must move forward, doing His; “they shall know the by their fruits.” Regardless it is said in scripture, this woman, her story was written to be a memorial – a testimony of her great faith and love for the Lord. We can learn from her.

Oh how I love to read. And its amazing how enlightening and refreshing the reads are that come my way! I pray you enjoy and perhaps shall find something, or share something, that has really been inspiring in your life! ❤


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