Fellowship Fridays :-)

I am always looking for something new. So when I saw a fellow crew member of the Schoolhouse Crew had a fellowship link up ~ well, count me in!
its hard to let go?

This weekend is going to be a quiet and restful one for us all. My husband and oldest son are in Eau Claire for a Bible Quiz tournament so we won’t see them until sometime late Saturday night ~ Really late.

The little ones? We are enjoying coloring, bike riding, lots of stories and snuggles….Making cookies and hanging out..

In between that I am trying to do some Bible Studying in 1 Samuel.
I am working to minimize all our “stuff” ~ We have a small house and lots of stuff. Maybe partially because we are home educators, maybe? lol

I also have a neat little index card case I am going to start using for prayer and prayer requests. I do love to pray in the Spirit but I also want to be cognizant of those needs that people have brought to me. Direct and specific needs. I want to pray though more. A lot more. If you have requests please do leave them and know that I will be praying for you! And it does not have to be specific; some days its just knowing that He knows the needs of another ❤

Happy Friday! Shabbat Shalom.     

Be blessed and let your eyes stay on His Kingdom to come.


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