Take Five

I recently started the Random 5 – every Friday – I forgot about Friday though and so I am posting this on Saturday. Sometimes my days just get away from me. hehe

   #1  Our exchange son is going to his school’s prom tonight. I have very mixed feelings about this. I chose not to attend my own and to this day I am not sure i see the point. With a young man that is very quiet and not so strong in the Spirit, I worry. He has a very nice suit chosen for the evening but I do hope they make it in before the 3am end time the school gave. (Seems irresponsible too, to me, isn’t there a curfew?)

#2  I am “landscaping” our front yard. A portion of it anyway. I love our small, needs love house. It has been neglected for too long though. We put in a couple apple trees (yum yum) and they are overwhelmed right now by weeds and some soft and fuzzy plants I cannot quite identify. Lovely but just so many of them!

#3 I have recently become an *ahem* home education consultant in our area. And with a couple folks online too. I am excited. I am overwhelmed. A bit nervous too. Looking to me to learn how to do it all. I have felt this burden to mentor and teach for some time; to encourage others to give home education a try….Prayers are being answered….hehe

#4 Skyping with our daughter from China. She comes in August. We are pretty excited. She is eager to try this “church thing” and cannot wait to have some younger brothers and a sister too. I do believe this will be quite an exciting year. And our son from China we are hosting now, he may be back, in a slightly different location, to study more too. (Did I mention our daughter from Brazil may be back in the fall for a time too? Praying for lots of awesome stuff!!

#5 I am a mom. I am at home, home educating and struggling o find a time for prayer. I want to find a way to gather with other moms locally perhaps, to pray, every week. We need others, we need to come together. Know and remember we are not alone and lift one another up. I am praying on how to move forward. I know though this is something that we need. For moms, not excluding children, not time to shop and have coffee, but to pray for one another and share. And love. And show the Gospel in our lives and the lives of our families. Praying He will lead me and connect me with those in need. Titus 2 – in action. Its my prayer – doing for my Lord. 🙂

Happy Friday *ahem, on Saturday! *


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