Fun with Five

The Pebble Pond I recently started linking up to Random Five on Fridays. Seems I am a bit behind this week. lol


Its been a challenging week; lots of emotional stuff on this end of things, so that said….here we go:

1) Our exchange student from China leaves on Wednesday. He is trying to make it back here to study again in the fall ~ We are praying for God’s will in his life. Such a unique boy ~ Having him with us was an interesting experience indeed! My oldest son especially will miss his big brother.

2) I am praying, my husband too we may be taking in a baby in the December. I do not know, but Iearned that my cousin, my sweet girl, so riddled in sin ~ she is having a baby. Because she is struggling with some addictions, it is now law for them to automatically take her into custody and then the baby once born. Having been a worker for the system ~ Need God to move on this one, that a place (even if not mine) will be made for this precious one.

3) I am amazed at how big my kids are getting. September 25 my son will be 9, my other son will be 5 on September 4, and my sweet baby girl? She is going to be three as of August 22nd! Time sure does fly. *yikes*

4) I miss going to the opera. I miss the theater. Not sure there is a good way to start going again, not with three little ones. Perhaps it is time to begin seeking out a good sitter for occassional outings. Stinks that ours graduated ~ off to college ~ I remember her when she was so little.

5) Its a beautiful day! Will be heading out on the boat; first time in a long time, come Monday. And then planting that garden. How I pray this year will be a fruitful one. Much research this year, I think my plan will work this time. Pray for me haha

*And Memorial Day. Such a sombering day. It’s so easy to take for granted all that we have (I know is five not six) but let me say, let us all take a moment to pray for the safety and the blessings of those who are sacrificing so much! Their families too ~ By all means, enjoy your weekend, but do not forget, remember what it means, to those men and women who are so far from home. Bless their hearts!



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