What On Earth Can I Do? ~ Schoolhouse Review

We have used Apologia Educational Ministries  for about two years now and we just love it. The Biblical focus in all the subjects is so refreshing!  So when the opportunity came along to review What in the World Can I Do? by John Hay and David Webb, we jumped on it. This is the fourth book in the series.

Apologia Review

I received What on Earth Can I Do? (hardback book), the What On Earth Can I Do Notebooking Journal, the What on Earth Can I Do, Junior Notebooking Journal, and the What on Earth Can I Do? Coloring Book. The hardback book retails for $39 and can be used with children grades 1-6. The Notebooking Journal and the Junior Notebooking Journal both for $24. And a coloring book is perfect for the little ones keeping their hands busy while we read and talk; for $8.

Apologia Review

Now while we have heard of this series of books before, this is the first time we had the chance to use them. I admit to being a bit worried that this was the fourth and we had not studied the 1st-3rd, however those fear were dispelled quickly. These are wonderful! I am so glad we had this opportunity! This is a fabulous way to teach curious children, how to live and apply God’s word in their own lives. No matter how big or small.:-) There are eight lessons in all, in the main book, and we sure have digging into them. We could probably get through each lesson in about 2 weeks, but since we tend to wander, discuss and discuss more ~ Its slow going. The stories are wonderful though; they are not too complex, not too long. And have fabulous illustrations too~! It is such a fun way to help our children gain a Biblical worldview of Stewardship; to help them understand and see their place, and His place, in every bit of our lives.

Apologia Review  My oldest son (who is 8) loved opening up the Notebooking Journal to see in big, bold letters, “This is YOUR Book”. He was tickled pink. It’s all his. And the book says so. ha-ha we really enjoyed, together the “think about it” questions where you can write answers and really do just that. Think about it. My son really liked the word puzzles too – he recently got into crosswords and word search puzzles ❤  It really does help him with his recall of certain details.

Apologia Review   Then there was the junior Notebooking Journal; my younger son ( he is 4) kind of used this. Off and on. No pressure. He is still in the beginning stages of reading and writing; very new to him, but what he could, he did to the best of his ability. He is always eager to be a part of things so having a book all for him, it helps encourage him to want to learn. Makes it exciting! And we all used the coloring book (I admit it, I LOVE to color to this day). Plus it was a fun, settle everyone down in the afternoon, activity.

Apologia Review       It is exciting, and inspiring, to see and hear our children taking notice of God and His place in every little thing. It is amazing how little things catch their attention. And how they act out the stories we have read. Just the other day I heard my three kiddos playing baseball outside and my son talking about God’s place in the game itself. I World War II, in the parables told by Jesus. We all need to be able to see these things. To see and to know that God is always there. The We Believe series is a fabulous help for showing our children just that. We will definitely be looking into the other books in this series. What a blessing these have been to us all thus far! May they be a blessing to many others in their walk with the Lord!

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