Random 5 on Friday

Wow – it’s Friday AND it’s the end of the month of May. The days sure are flying by…..

I sure am glad I got my garden started ~ planting is almost done. So very hopeful for a bountiful harvest this year (or a mini one even) especially with all the buds on the berry bushes and apple trees out there. I can just taste it!

My cousin is pregnant. And she is in jail. Again. I know His ways are higher; I know HE always has a plan – but there are so many who want a baby and will care for it too. Why? I am just not sure I understand. Stepping out in faith; trusting His promises and praying for this little one’s safety. Perhaps this baby shall be born to bless someone desiring a child.

My son is addicted to his DS. HE received a Pokeman game for it from his exchange brother, from China, before he left and he plays it all the time. I want to let him deschool a bit but I also am struggling to manage his screen  time and maybe teach hi a bit of responsibility and self control too. Ah the challenges as he gets bigger.

I love being able to sit on my swing out front with a cup of sweet tea (or not so sweet too!) and a good book. My daughter napping in my arms. I am reading right now, inspirational parenting books, to keep afire my love for training these children up. His way. Too many days when I feel I need to get away; it reminds me how we need to spend time at His feet. Otherwise its like we suddenly cannot fly. Let me have eagle’s wings

Some of our crickets escaped recently – this week I have shown great skill in catching crickets. lol I am not sure how I feel about that. At least our geckos appreciate the extra treat here and there! ha-ha

It’s the weekend. I pray ya’ll shall be greatly blessed.


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