Rosetta Stone Reading for Homeschool!

We all know Rosetta Stone and their amazing software for learning foreign languages right? We have used their German program for some time now in our home. But recently we found out that they have a reading program. Rosetta Stone Reading for HomeschooI; I was super excited when I found out I had a chance to review it too! The whole thing is interactive and student led; for grades pre-K to 5 help them to build those foundational reading skills.  A 12 Month Subscription is only $99 and it guaranteed fun for little learners! There is a demo of the product here – scroll down a bit and you will see it.

Lexia Reading Core5 is available for:

Lexia Reading and covers the six areas of reading for students of all abilities in grades pre-K–5. Any students with a Core5 license in grades 6 and above have access to Lexia’s Strategies for Older Students. Learn more about Lexia Strategies.


We use this with my younger son who is soon to be five and in the very beginning stages of reading. And also with my older son who is 8 and struggles with focus and attention. He really likes to work on he computer but he needs a bit more of a challenge. I like that this programs adjusts along with the abilities of the children using it. It is fun, the characters are colorful and my younger son, he laughed so much – He has a great laugh if you ask me! 🙂 Its reassuring too, to know that when they are struggling, the program automatically, gently corrects them, and in some cases goes back a bit to make sure they really got it. So you know they cannot just skip past it. They have to be able to complete each topic in order to move ahead.

My oldest son is currently working at the 3rd grade level according to their assessment. Each day he spends about a half hour working through the topics given. Yesterday he spent the whole time working on Latin Prefixes; the day before we worked on Similes and Metaphors and completed a bit of reading in the Passage Comprehension too. I like that I can see on the skills report the time spent on each task, as well as his accuracy of his work. He really enjoys this though – he loves languages so having Latin as a part of his lessons – he thinks its great. Some of the stories and characters he finds a bit “babyish” he says but I remind him that as he progresses, his program will change. He looks forward to that and I think likes being able to control what he works on and when. Variety is the spice of his life right now.

Then there is my soon to be five year old. He absolutely loves the characters; the animation within this program cracks him up! Again and again. It just does not get old. He is working on his Kindergarten skills right now. The lessons, for him, can be a bit long, so some days i admit we just do not finish what we start. I encourage him to do a little each day though. And most days he really does look forward to his “school”. He really enjoys the warm up each time he logs in; it requires him to match letters in some cases and other times he has to listen to the  letter and click on the one that is the same, as they fall down the screen. There are some sight words for him to practice, as well as blending & segmenting, and picturing stories (another favorite of his ~ putting pictures i the order of the story).

We will be continuing to use this program, without a doubt, there are so many benefits to it in our home school! It is colorful and appealing to all the senses. I do think the lessons could be a bit shorter; at least the preschool and kindergarten ones but it is inviting and engaging enough that I can overlook that! It’s a little silly, some of it is even a bit cheesy but it really grabs and keeps the kids interested (both of them!) and that is a tough thing for me to find.  Not only does thins encourage a strong foundation in reading skills but it includes so much more. Our children can learn and grow, independently, with the program. So their “study skills” as we call them, can grow as they do. I really do encourage you to consider Rosetta Stone if you are looking for a reading program for your family. It certainly is fun, fun, fun :-))







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