Dust off those Feet

There is NO ONE that should keep you from God.

If those in your life are not ones who give you cause to seek Him MORE – if they do not bring you closer and deeper in your walk with God – We are to be set apart – He makes it clear we are not to be unequally yoked – those who pull you away from living FOR Him in ALL seasons now ~ Jesus did not come bringing peace but a sword ~ It does not mean we should not love and pray for those who are not living for Him but certainly we cannot and should not accept them in their sin.

There are so many who fell away; I think God did much pruning in my life. Yet for the many who have walked away for whatever reason; I am not lonely. I know I am not alone. And I do have a wonderful handful of people who are strong in their faith and inspire me in my walk with God. As it should be. Iron sharpening iron.

Be warned: bad company corrupts good character. Do not be deceived. If those you spend your days with are not living for Him; if they are not desperately in love with the things of God ~ You may well slowly be led away yourself. For so many reasons, He commands us to be separate, set apart from those of the world. None of us can serve two masters.

Sure Jesus hung with some unsavory folks. But do not forget, He shared the Good News with them. And if that news was not welcome? He got up and left. He dusted off His feet and moved on.Jesus did not, and neither should we, keep company with those not seeking His will and His kingdom. for their lives.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord !


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