Kinder Cottage Publishing ~ Schoolhouse Review

Our family loves to read; we love books of all kinds, and so having the opportunity to review a couple books from Kinder Cottage Publishing was exciting to us! We were able to choose two from their Peter Rabbit series and my boys decided to pick Peter Rabbit at the Farm and How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea.

I was not familiar with Kinder Cottage Publishing before now and if you are not, here’s what you need to know. Kinder Cottage Publishing is a family owned business ~ they seek to “…ensure that our children grow up with a love of western civilization (literature, history, culture and Christian faith). Our goal is to create and offer products that help parents educate their young children.”  Now this is something to be excited about ~ worthy to support!

We had the opportunity to review 2 books from the Peter Rabbit series (there are 10 books in all) and each book is listed at $12.95, but  available through Kinder Cottage Publishing for just $4.00 a piece. And so I do not forget, when you order, enter coupon code TOS and receive a 20% discount on your purchases. Exciting! There is a reason to order more books now 🙂

We chose book #2, Peter Rabbit at the Farm and book #4,  How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea for our family to review. 🙂

Both of the books are hardcover; chock full of amazingly beautiful illustrations!  The stories are all adaptations of the original book published in 1917 by the Henry Altemus Company. The books are all about 5 x 7 (they fit so nicely into my daughter’s little purse she takes out and about!) and about 60 pages. These are recommended for ages 3-9 but believe me, all ages can appreciate these sweet, precious stories!

We read these together. Again and again. Sometimes it was me reading to all three, some days my oldest (who is 8) was caught reading these to his brother and sister (Who are 4 and 2). We brought them on car rides; we also brought these to church and my littlest, she is 2, would look through them in the pew while service was going.

My youngest two really enjoyed these books.We continue to read them again and again. I love that they were a bit of a  challenge for my oldest son. He currently loves reading comics and other things I consider more “twaddle” but since I really want to see him reading ~sigh

My four year old thought it was hysterical that in “How Peter Rabbit went to Sea, Peter Rabbit got a spanking from Old Mother Rabbit for misbehaving. It was talked about for awhile actually, the reasons behind spanking and the importance of correcting those naughty behaviors. MY oldest son on the other hand liked the various sea creatures in the book; he spent a bit of time researching and reading about them. Animals are such a big thing for all of my children, so even in Peter Rabbit at the Farm, the animals were absolutely adored by all. I cannot say enough how sweet, and funny, the characters in these stories were! It was refreshing; a classic tale retold without losing the original charm and still done in such a pleasant way. This is hard to come by I think.

Kinder Cottage Publishing does indeed have a great many quality books for our children, and families, to enjoy  together! I remember these tales myself (although they are not exactly the same, please remember that) and while my boys especially are a bit more modern day, it is quite a blessing to be able to share something from the past with them. In a way we can all enjoy!  And these are so very affordable, at only $4 a book; there area  great many too choose from too!  We are especially looking forward to their newest series of biographies for primary and elementary school children!  We are ordering first book in the series – Alfred the Great – next week! And eager for those to come.


Click to read Crew ReviewsDO check them out for yourselves! I am sure you will all be quite pleased with what you find!


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