What I’m Reading…

Its getting nicer outside. That means I need to finish some of my online reads so I can move on to real books ~ Ones I can take outside, to the park and the beach to relax and read while the kids play (in between playing with them as well!)

I was given a set of books recently, to read and review: Growing up God’s Way for girls and Growing up God’s Way for boys. These are rather handy as I was recently approached by a friend about a group she wants to start for kids in her church (girls actually) to help them grow up God’s way. And my oldest, almost nine, does ask questions so its good to be able to read and prepare for whats coming right?  These are both colorful in their illustrations, simple and short chapters covering puberty; marriage, changes in the body and in our thoughts, and going beyond. The drawings are all quite accurate (I was surprised I admit!) and somewhat cartoonish – these books reference scripture throughout all of the chapters too. Isn’t that nice? These are excellent for laying a strong and firm foundation i a child’s life and mind, early on. Excellent to read with a child, older of course than mine. We will dust these off for the in a few years but I will be sharing with others I know who are in this place now and seeking assistance in “the talk”.

I like to read my Bible every year from beginning to end. I am in the II Book of Samuel right now. And is the Word of God ever alive for me right now. I mean it always is but more than usual to me now. Perhaps its one more sign of the times. Anyway, i also like to have a devotional I read, not in place of, but in addition to, scripture. Right now that is 25,000 Mornings: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times. And I love how the ancient and the modern is woven together. The writing is honest, simple, sometimes a bit silly but always so very fitting. What I need to hear. Consider the words of Evangelist Jesse Duplantis, “Your direction is not always your destiny.”  Now I admit I do not believe in destiny; all is God’s will. Still there is great truth within that statement. Too often I fear we get stuck; we need to be wise, discerning, in the direction we are headed. Not all things are of God and even as He allows things in our life, we still need to have His wisdom that we know what to do with all that is allowed. There is much within this that is not only inviting but also gently reminding and edifying us in our walk. Let us be evermore pleasing to the Lord alone ❤


I heard a great deal of rave reviews about Mom’s Night Out. I have to admit initially, the title itself, left a very sour taste in my mouth. Let’s be honest, transparent here, too many today, have the idea that they need and have a right to “,me time” as moms. And maybe some dads out there feel that way too.If we are honest with ourselves, and keep things in light of His word, it is never ever about us. We need Jesus. No more and no less. I am not saying we mom’s do not need or  deserve a bit of time away from the family. Especially after my “not so Jesus like melt-down” yesterday with my oldest son. We do need to take care of ourselves; it is the challenge that comes with motherhood. It is a balancing act – making sure we are in the right place with God, knowing that we are strong in mind and body and spirit (and that only comes through Him right?) – For those who do “need” a night out, may it be a blessing to you but may you be doing not to get away, not because you are more than they are , but that you may keep strong that servant’s heart.

As for the book, it was a fun read. I took it at face value. It is fiction. And some of us honestly do some days feel a bit trapped. Maybe stuck and tired of the same old laundry and dishes and bath-time…repeat…? lol Do it all for the Lord. Its not so bad then. However if you are just looking for a silly and entertaining read, this is a good book. It is not meant to be other than a story, one that had me giggling quite a bit too. At no time is she encouraging moms to “run away” from their families and go on wild and crazy adventures. It IS a comedy though; perhaps some of us have been there. IN some ways, long ago? And in all of the mess that these ladies make in their night out, there is still such a sweet and true message about the joys and the beauty of being a mom. We all need to be inspired now and then. I know I do. Too many days I do not understand how or why God thinks i am able. lol  SO a little laugh now and then, along with some truths woven throughout the tales, it makes a difference. I may just have to watch the movie now too! By the way there is also a Mom’s Night Out Devotional (I have it but have not yet begun it – looks great though!)  So long story short, we all know being a mom is, like, the hardest thing ever and none of us are really perfect or ever will be, at what we do. We need to take care of ourselves, we need to keep our life and our will in line with His otherwise, where is the love? Its just a tired process we repeat day in and day out. Do not forget to  breathe life into yourself, as you do in your home and your family each day.








I have lots more on my reading list. While i was planting my garden, my apple trees and berry bushes, I was reminded to take the same care, sowing and reaping, within my home. So as I pray over my garden and my days, I seek to have a bountiful harvest both in my garden and in my home. That all we do may glorify our great and awesome God. Its not just about the fruits that grow in the garden but what about our own fruits? Let us not forget those too. Wise words said once, “We may be the only Bible some people read.” I pray Jesus will help me to shine Him in all that I do more each day.

What are you reading?


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