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   My family was recently given a full online subscription for our family, including all levels, of the  LearningPalette.com from the LearningPalette.com.  This is a product of Learning  Wrap-ups ideally for grades K-5. A new and different way of educating our children too!

Now I was not at all familiar with this program prior to this review. I was intrigued, but also a bit skeptical, having two boys who are complete opposites in how they learn. My oldest is in 2nd grade and my youngest is preschool age at this time. However while my oldest loves to do as much education as he can online, my younger ones is not so fond of electronics for learning. (He still prefers being on mommas lap <3).

LearningPalette.com is quite affordable too, compared to other options out there.  LearningPalette.com is $59.99 and allows 5 users on an account. As a special offer for homeschool families they are offering a discount of 20% (so its only $47.99). This offer allows you to use this until May 31, 2015. So its a 20% discount and free access for 13 months. If you want to purchase now you can call 1-800-992-4966 and mention the Old Schoolhouse or selecte PURCHASE NOW and enter the Coupon Code‘HomeSchool’ for your discount.

So I started out my oldest son on this. Piece of cake for him. When you log in you immediately have two options. You can choose math or reading. And then there are levels in each of those two subjects to work with. All of the cards online are circular (think of a painters palette) and the color of disks correlates with the correct answers on the palette. (My four year old referred to these as donuts and cookies!) My oldest started out on level one and of course breezed through it.  As the palettes increased in difficulty there was more of a challenge and in some cases it was an encouragement for him to go back and learn something new too (fractions come to mind). He loved all the riddles that were a part of the reading palettes, as he thinks of himself as a little jokester and liked learning new ones to tell to anyone who will listen.   I like that there was such a  variety for him in the various levels of this program. I would definitely not use this as a stand alone but it was great to supplement and on those not so organized days….I felt better with him being able to do some work here at least. We are now working through geometry,  an statistics on there. It goes up to 5th grade so we are seeing how far we can get with some of these things that are newer to us.

As for my younger son, he is 4,, and he did not really take to this as much as I thought he would. We did the cards together 1-2 times a week. It was a bit of a challenge for him since he is not really a reader and is still getting those basic skills down. But he liked having his own thing to do, with momma, now and then. As I mentioned above, he thought the “cookies and donuts” were a nice touch to things. I did like how this helped him to recognize his letters as we have been working on this for some time. He liked moving the “donuts and cookies” about and as he used it with me more, started to like being able to check his answers and navigate himself. This program is really very user friendly. So we stuck with the basic level for him. Repeating many of the cards for more mastery. Plus I liked that there were certain things he really took to so doing something again and again, can only help in the learning process right? 🙂  Its all about the basics right now; encouraging him to just try to enjoy and experience different things that can help him learn.

As for me, as a mom I liked the ease of use with this program. I cannot say enough, it was so easy for my oldest to login and start working. All by himself. He likes this kind of freedom! And while there were times it got a bit dull for them ( the same method for each subject card) it was something that we could do quickly with little planning. I admit I was not as thrilled about the Common Core alignment of the program, but as a supplement, we overlooked that part of things. The progress reports that were provided were a nice help; I wish there was more detail though as to some of the cards I know my older son struggled with. We stuck with jotting down notes as things came up that he was not sure of (so we could go look it up, find a video, etc) so some helpful tutorials or guides would have been nice with the program for the higher levels. But again this was a supplement to regular programs we use, not a huge deal.

Overall I can say this is a great help for anyone looking for a little something more in their home school. And since Learning Palette.com covers Kindergarten through 5th grade level math, and reading, its a nice way to encourage the kids in some independent studies as they get older. Did I mention the age range of materiaI? Its a different kind of program with really neat concepts for kids and lots of fun ways to help make all these facts stick 🙂


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