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We Choose Virtues ~ Schoolhouse Review

There are so many wonderful tools out there for home educators, don’t you think? A variety for math, reading, spelling, science…I could go on. What about one of the most important things our children need? Character? I had the opportunity to review the We Choose Virtues, a fun way for kids to learn and build a strong Godly character!

We received the Parent Cards (King James Version) which go for $38.49 as well as the Download Bundle $7.99 that comes with a teacher’s handbook, family character assessment sheets, coloring pages, butterfly awards and sing-along sheets.  These are recommended for children ages 3-11. I used them with my three who are (8, 4, & 2). 🙂

The parenting cards are amazing! The  We Choose Virtues program uses these as its heart, if you will.  There are 13 cards which are all double-sided, color cards. The images, my kids loved them, they are each one a child themselves with a neat little ditty for the kids to memorize in relation to each virtue. My kids eagerly looked through the cards right away when we got them. Ironically as my oldest son read the words on each card, he also ascribed certain virtues (or a lack of these virtues) to members of the family. An interesting, somewhat tough, beginning with these cards.

Was this ever an experience for the family! I have to say I am so very grateful for this program. It shows not just the children, but mom and dad too, areas where we need to grow. It’s a way for God to speak into our home and our family, guiding us, in His ways. We actually began our virtues journey with the card shown above. Contentment is a hard thing for all of us right? We always seem to want a bit more. Kids, adults….Its a struggle. The image on each card is a really neat visual to relate to the character quality or virtue, for children. The younger ones really enjoyed the images; a visual reminder if you will of certain things. It helped too to talk about the “wanter” (little ditty) we all have to learn how to control. And then of course there was the handy verse (you can choose KJV or NIV cards) which shows what the Lord has for us. A little bit of wisdom that can go a long way. ON this card was Psalm 131:2. (We learned lots of the Psalms last year in Bible Quizzing so my oldest really liked that!Seeing it written outside of the BIble; daily experiences to relate to the application of the Word!)

There are stories and teachable tips that go along with each virtue card too. The stories are simple, not long at all, very easy for children to relate to. So they can see the virtues in action, if you will, and get a tangible idea of what it means to be patient, and gentle and persevering. There is also the Kids of VirtueVille Coloring Book.  This is a PDF file, very handy for use with the younger ones. My oldest son was not big on coloring the pictures but rather (a budding artist) chose to sketch his own based off of the images in the coloring book.

My oldest son and I both did the Family Character Assessments. I noticed immediately almost, how hard he is on himself. This helped to kind of direct him as we learned together. It also gave us a great deal of discussion about forgiveness; not just of others but of self too. And our need for God because without His aid none of us can really ever hope to do “right”.

Building Character Round Up {and Weekly Homeschool Link UP} 

Our Pastor likes to say we can never get good for God but we CAN get God who will help make us good. As someone who is a recovering perfectionist myself, it is so important for our children to understand that good character, good virtues, they are something we must exercise. Daily we must challenge ourselves to live these out. And when we fall down, we need to dust off our feet and keep on moving. Character only gets stronger when we practice it. This is an excellent way to help do just that.

There are also lots of fun songs to learn, to help instill these virtues in your children. Fun and familiar jingles for around the house, in the car – we are all quite musically leaning so the Sing-Along Virtue Songs. This was a must have for us (although I wish they were MP3 files and not just papers to read and color).

There is also a teacher’s handbook. I printed this out and bound it in a file folder right away in the beginning but while there was a lot of good information in there, most was to me, more classroom based. And with mine being littler too  – I think perhaps it was a bit much. There are a great deal of good resources though – inspiring ways to liven up your virtue studies through: word definitions, quotes relating to the various virtues being taught and activities to help reinforce these. Most activities I think could be lots of fun for a larger group.

We Choose Virtues likes to teach that our children are like butterflies. We love butterflies around here. What that means is that our children need to develop are referred virtues (caterpillars). When they practice using those virtues, they are beginning to turn into a butterfly. Its a metamorphosis per se.  Just as the born again experience, this is how we grow in virtue. We become a new creation, from our own imperfect flesh, to a vine showing more and more fruits of the spirit.  It makes the butterfly itself an even more beautiful, and powerful, creation in my children’s mind. Seeing how they too can have an amazing change. My oldest says this is teaching him how to have “wings like a butterfly and be totally free for Jesus.” Cool!!!

If you are not sure how to teach these; if you are in need of what we are calling (as we continue with this program) a virtuous tune-up, this is sure to be such a blessing to you! We are all learning, growing and becoming a bit more of that free flying butterfly. As we grow in the virtues, our wings spread a bit more until they are so wide open …..This program will open your eyes, build you up in your walk with God. As a family how wonderful is it to be able to see and grow together. Our kids need to know what we have issues too; none of us are without sin. It is a process we can all share in. A journey that will bring us closer to one another and close to our Lord and Saviour. Let us expect excellence from our children and then continue to encourage one another each day, exercising these virtues so they are strong and sure in all of us!

Arms wide open “… freedom to walk in liberty..”

Read what other reviewers thought about the We Choose Virtues program.  Right now through August use Promo Code BTS20 and save 20% on anything in the WCV Store. This includes any of their amazing kits.  This would be the perfect time to mak a purchase and help start your school year on a virtuous foot. 🙂

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