My Homeschool is …

It is awesome. It is a mess. It is fun. It is exhausting.                       It is … 


I have had a number of people come to me asking how I do it. Home education. They are considering it for their own family; they want to know more. And I make it see so exciting and awesome.

Really? I do? I am so sorry. i mean, not that you think it is totally awesome but I don’t want to confuse or lie to you. It is awesome. It is exciting. But it is also hard. Let me share my yesterday with you because my yesterday was anything but awesome and exciting. As you read keep in mind, this is a day in my life and even as you read this we are homeschooling on! 🙂

We woke up a bit late, so breakfast was late. No I don’t mean 8ish, I mean more like 10ish, We were all sick; allergies ~ none of us can breathe, we are all coughing, the noses are running….Its a mess. We are all crabby and short. No one wants to do anything. But we have work to do. We are behind. Period.

So off we go to listen and read for our history – all about the explorers. Computer isn’t working. Program keeps locking up. I cannot find my books. My materials … Where are all of my materials? Ah well, moving on without them I guess, Creative home school improv we shall call it. hahaha

My son is 8 and he struggles with focus and with retention. Attention is a challenge for him. He wants control; he needs to be in control. Can you see the struggle here? Imagine my day He does not want to work. He wants to watch Pokemon.He wants to play a Ninjago game.. Anything but math drills and history readings and narration and copywork ….

Do you hear the bell dinging? The fight is on. And so far he is winning. We spent most of the day with him on the couch, arms crossed; super mad face (it was actually cute, so hard not to laugh)!! A couple hours into the afternoon, I came out of the kitchen to see him plugging away on his history work, and his math program. (joy unspeakable!!)

These are not the standard days at home. But I would be lying if I said these days do not happen. With some regularity. We can only go for so long. Its okay. Its a process for all of us. Learning to live together and work together. Learning and building and exercising those good things; it can be a struggle at times though. We always come out on top in the end though.

Today is a good day. We are enjoying ourselves even though it is super cold and wet and rainy and windy….We had some plumbing issues that are now resolved (but left a rather icky smell behind) So wrapped in blankets with some books and little games to play too we are enjoying our day and starting fresh. Each day.







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