Random Five Friday Free Day!

Every Friday I “try” to join in the Random 5 on Friday. You can be a part of it all if you like too. Post anything random. Struggles, things you are pondering, learning, failing at (ahem) – joys and praise reports – testify! Its all fun. Family fun – in five’s.

The Pebble Pond  Yesterday I got to make a new friend and spend some time with an old friend too 🙂  Its good. Especially since, I really have felt the Lord moving me towards mentoring more and more, ladies who want to be home educators, home makers, called by God. I am not sure that I can do this but I know that my God will make a way. Leaning on Him and getting excited about this possible “group” of moms coming together to train up our children, and ourselves. With strong prayer woven in. I think.
My husband left at 6am, give or take, with my two boys. It is today the final state tournament for Bible Quizzing. Will find out tomorrow who makes it to nationals in Branson this year. I have to be honest; a summer off would be nice. At the same time I am eager to see what we shall quiz for the next year. lol The year ends with my oldest son knowing all his verses  for the year (194) and my younger son who is 4 knowing almost 65. Whoa. I admit all the struggles and trials that come with teaching two kids those verses….want a break this summer…but its addictive too ….want to start learning more….Hide them in your heart….. ❤
We are going to lunch today. We are blessing an old friend with lunch. She is blessing us with much of her family’s old home school materials. Bless her heart. We do not see her as much as I would like but she is sweet; a gentle spirited lady. I love listening to her talk about her family’s experiences and all that they have experienced in their walk with the Lord too.
Our front yard is being landscaped. By us. We have lived here for too long without making it our own  And I love roses. So I am tearing out al these ferns and strange tall grasses to replace themwith some lovely flower bushes  … Maybe one of those butterfly bushes. or lilacs….love those sweet smells when sitting on my swing out front……ahhhhhh
And as always I am reading. I am writing. I am seeking His way. If you will, a rededication of my life to Him. My family and I, we are starting character building devotions this summer. In the weeks to come I hope to blog it all out as we go along….the fruits of the spirit….cultivating ourselves that we may be abundant in the things of the Lord. There is much to be done…One shall sow and another shall reap   Much I have been praying for. Feel free to join me in prayer and leave a request of your own if you have one. Nothing fancy – we all know He knows the need!
Blessings to all! ~muah~

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