You (I) are(am) Loved ~ Week 2

“Getting to know you … getting to know all about you..”

I remember watching the King ad I again and again as a child. I loved the music, the dancing – it was such a sweet story. And the song, it is so telling of our relationships. Even the one we have with God. And its so amazing when we really know Him, not just know of Him but know Him. When we can say that Jesus is ours.

Its so amazing. Jesus chose me. He called me. Me. I mean really? He loves me? Its been hard for me to wrap my mind around that one; to accept it. I mean I know who I was and where I was…I guess he chose Paul ~ persecutor of the faith (Paul and I had much in common I think – except when he was called, he went, I put up a bit of a fight in the beginning I admit)

2 Timothy 3:16 says:

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness

Take your time reading that. Did you see, really see? It says ALL scripture. Not a jot here and a tittle there but every word of it. God breathed – His words. Written through His servants. If we could just be still like that. Be strong in our faith as those men who wrote God’s words…

Yet we doubt. I doubt. Sometimes. I question now and then. Today for example, my son and I had it out. Again .He is almost nine and beginning already to want control; to be a bit more defiant, a lot less obedient. So there are struggles. And I lose my temper. I fail him. He fails me. And while I pray and cry and pray and cry some more I ask God why…..Why me? I feel so incapable; so unworthy. I just cannot do this another day.

In all of this, my weakness of faith; my fear overtaking me that I am not good enough as a mom. I am not making a home that is good enough for my family…God has left the building…in all of this He “finds” me (if you will – I mean God doesn’t really lose someone right?) and I feel His presence, His touch. I hear His voice reminding me that when I am weak, He is strong.

I hear Him remind me that those men in the Bible, they were boys once too. Rough and tumble; sometimes disobedient, some were angry, quick in tempermant, some were stubborn, some were quite foolish…David…the deeds of David – the man after God’s own heart….I do not need to do it all but I need to know, no doubt, that my God, CAN do it all. It isn’t going to be easy. It should not be easy. And most days what I do is not going to get me an Oscar, or any other kind of award/recognition for that matter. Is that a big deal ? It shouldn’t be.

I read this awesome short story, I shall call it, I share it here. Perspective. We must have an eternal, Kingdom, kind of perspective on ALL things in life. As this so poignantly shows:

The builders of medieval cathedrals knew what it
meant to work their entire lives to please God
without ever expecting to see their work completed.
Many cathedrals would take over a hundred
years to build- more than the span of a man’s
lifetime. I once heard a story of one such artisan
who worked tirelessly for many years to carve a
beautiful bird into the wood of a portion of the
Cathedral that would be covered up. When someone
asked why he was working so hard on something that no one would see, he replied, “Because God sees.”

I think – if we all had this perspective – the things we could do. The things God could do, through us. Jesus give me the heart and the faith, the mind and spirit, to build a cathedral just for my Lord! ❤



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