You (I) are(am) Loved ~ Week 3

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. – I Peter 5: 8

I admit it. Lately I have been slacking. I have not been reading as I should; my prayer time has been limited. Sporadic. Broken. Tis a new season. Summer and beautiful days when the children would rather be outside. They get restless, they fight, they tease one another. I need to be more intentional right now.

And that means things need to change. I need to wake earlier so I can pray. So I can get my fill of the living water and the bread of life each day. Right now I am skating by. I am struggling to not listen to those voices that say tell me I have failed my Lord again. I am struggling to be patient and kind. I worry; I fret.

I need to remind myself. “It’s going to be alright.” Whether I like where i am right now or not; whether I am pleased or not with where I am – The Lord knows. And truly, He has approved my yesterday, my today, my tomorrow. I remember my brokenness; the foolish things I did. My struggles and my trials when I was that lost lamb. But then He brought me into His sheepfold. He called me out; to be set apart. In the world, not of the world.

I do not know how it will all end. But I trust my God and I need to remember that every moment, every trial, is a chance to conform more and more to His word. To walk a bit closer to Him.

I am not perfect. But I am not where I once was. And I have not given up. I have not settled. I know that today is not enough; tomorrow is a new day. I shall begin it anew; refreshed in His love and grace, mercy and truth. I shall put my faith in the Lord and know that God is always in control! ❤



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