I Knew When I saw You

I have to testify.  I have to share this amazing day that was, no doubt, one in which every step was ordered by God. Such a testimony. Something, somewhere I never would have gone, yet the pull was so great, I had to move my  feet.

Let me say too, our day should not have been what it ended up being. we had plans to do the usual. Home school, library trip to return some books, outdoors time and a couple videos I have planned for them to watch. Electricity, airplanes, weather, engineering…..Did we do any of this? Not a thing and where i would usually be in a total tizzy over all we missed (we are behind now – oh no~!) I feel such a peace.

This morning we literally fell into something new. The Racine Urban Garden project. It offers free classes for children 4 and up. It gives an opportunity for them to share within the community; be a part of a garden. Its art and nature and story time, healthy meals and its all free. I had no idea. And its hidden in a not so lovely area of our city too. If I had not been an inner city social worker for years i may have turned around and gone home. Then again it took forever to find this street that no one (And I asked plenty of folks) had heard of. It reminded me of the neighborhoods I frequented, my clients who were called “hopelessly lost.”

My kids had a blast. They got to plant squash and flowers and play with some bugs. Make some new friends. And they shared Jesus ~ my oldest tells everyone about the blessings of Bible Quizzing. And this organization (a very liberal one too I could tell) was listening intently. Curious and engaged. Its something I would not have expected. It is a place I honestly would have seen, as “enemy” territory. Salt and light. We must be that light.

I also met someone new. A lady who moved here recently. She just came right up to me and said “I know you’re a Christian….just looking at you … ” I guess i am so used to my dress, it doesn’t occur to me. IT took me a minute. And she continued by pointing to my long hair and my skirt. Now i am not saying because you look like that you are or you aren’t. But it really hit me “set apart”; we are not of this world. WE should not look like we are a part of this world. Even as we are in the world and about His business.

I won’t lie. I needed to hear this. I needed to meet someone was seeking a deeper walk with God. I pray we will see her and her husband at church one day soon. I am excited. And it made me remember that who He calls is not always the one we think.

My boys will spend the next eight weeks, every Monday, at this urban garden. They will plant seeds, literal seeds, and spiritual ones. I pray I can do the same. I was blessed with such a lesson today. We must keep our children strong in the faith; they must be sure of what they know so that they can give an answer when they are asked. They will be asked. I am so blessed that my boys can answer that question – that others see them as kind, gentle hearts. And I am blessed that God places me, in a place I would never have gone, to share His truth with just one.


May many more follow.  For His glory.


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