Go Science ~ A Schoolhouse Review

Everyone knows, we love science; we cannot get enough of it.  My children love to learn all about weather, and sound, energy, and movement; especially when they can get their hands dirty in the process!  So, when we were given the chance to review two videos of a new series from Library and Educational Services the Go Science DVDs, we were so very excited! 🙂

If you are like me, you never heard of Library and Educational Services.  Let me know tell you this is a wonderful company that both homeschoolers AND educational professionals can purchase products at dramatically discounted prices!  (see who qualifies on the company’s FAQ page.)  They sell books (fiction and nonfiction, for all ages), audio dramas (we love these), and DVD’s at very affordable prices, perfect for us home school families on a budget!

So back to these amazing DVD’s we received. Each Go Science DVD features Christian educator/college professor Ben Roy who gives demonstrations that are such fun; crazy and so exciting, sometimes even a bit explosive! Each DVD is about an hours worth of demonstrations; each segment is approximately 5 to 12 minutes. The segments each include a demonstration as well as a short science lesson and the biblical application of it all. Each DVD also comes with a number of science experiments related to the theme at hand. These DVDs are recommended for ages 6-10.

There are seven in all (new!) within the Go Science DVDs (each retailing at $8.97):*Volume 1: Sound, Gravity, Space*Volume 2: Life Science, Weather*Volume 3: Air*Volume 4: Motion, Friction, Electricity, Light*Volume 5: States of Matter, Water*Volume 6: Chemistry*Volume 7: Engineering, Design, FlightWe chose the DVDs Go Science Volume 2: Life Science,Weather and Volume 7: Engineering, Design, Flight to review.

These are all live recordings; we see the teacher surrounded by a group of children. As each segment unfolds he not only teaches on the topic at hand (his enthusiasm is awesome! its catching too). as he proceeds with the experiment, he simply and clearly explains each step and how it all relates. At the end of each lesson he says  “Every time we learn something about SCIENCE, we learn something about our Creator…GOD!” ❤


The Go Science Volume 2: Life Science, Weather was amazing with experiments ranging from making clouds to using a magnet to find the iron in your cereal (not sure how I feel about this! haha). Another experiment was to determine our lung capacity and then there was the garbage can vortex!! We have yet to do this one but if its not on the boys list. My boys were fascinated by so many of these. Some, like the lungs, were a bit much for them and they lost focus a bit. But it is great for them that all of these experiments they see being done, they can do them too!! We had such fun making clouds and my younger son (who is four) found it fascinating to be able to “create like God does”.

Then there was Volume 7: Engineering/Design, Flight. The favorite of the boys! They loved every bit of this one. We have an excess of rockets in this house now. Balloon rockets, vinegar rockets. They just love rockets in any form. They also really enjoyed flinging a ball with a Trebuchet machine (who wouldn’t?) We have not yet done the Centrifuge experiment but the boys are eagerly awaiting the opportunity. Since this ultimately ends in “get em wet” in their minds this is a good outside activity but I could not believe it – we were out of straws! ha-ha

This was,and continues to be, such fun for our kids. My oldest son (8) really enjoyed the hands on experiments. And my younger son (4 ) is hooked on Volume 7. Watching specific  segments again and again. Walking on eggs…who would not love that? These really are fun videos! I actually am hoping to use these in our homeschool co-op this coming fall/spring as I do believe this could be great for the group! We definitely did enjoy these videos! And the coolest part was that my oldest son knew so many of the verses quoted in these segments ~ He is desperate to know how he can be a part of any future Go Science camps like the ones on these videos! 😀

Click to read Crew ReviewsCheck out Go Science DVDs (retail $8.97 ea) or Library and Educational Services:Library and Educational Services Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/libraryandedLibrary and Educational Services YouTube Channel (check out clips from their DVD’s) : https://www.youtube.com/user/LibraryandEd/videosdisclaimer_tos


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