Scandalous Lessons

We always think of the people in the Bible as figures that we are too look to. Men and woman who did the amazing; examples to us. We forget sometimes that not all of them are examples of what we ought to be. Some are present simply to show us what the other way is and how avoid going off that narrow way.

    As I read Bathsheba Bathed in Grace: How 8 Scandalous Women Changed the World, I was drawn in by the stories that were told.This is not just a retelling of the stories in the Bible. This is a fictional work showing their point of view, as things unfold.

Bathsheba, a victim or temptress, Eve outside of Eden, Tamar posing as a prostitute, Leah stole her sister Rachel’s fianceé…Sarah gave Hagar to her husband and Rebekah was the mastermind of a grave deception.

Captivating! Heartbreaking. Eye opening. As I read their stories I could see myself there; watching it all unfold. And how the relation between their life and mine own came to light so many times for me. These are our Sisters, in the faith, and much like those who sing and worship with and pray for today, they too had desperate needs. They sought after God as we do now. They loved and lived; choice wisely and sometimes chose foolishly.

It is such a reminder of who we are. And who they are too. So often I forget, thinking of those Biblical men and women, as the best of the best. Yet they too had to struggle with their flesh; they had to contend with the faith. As do we.

This is such an excellent read. Do not read it as a Biblical commentary though or take it as God’s word. Be wise and discerning but also enjoy this read that really helps us to relate even more to these women who are such important figures within God’s word. There is certainly much we can learn from these women who were, as we are today, bathed in grace. ❤



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