It’s a Virtual Fridge :-)

My son just completed his first week or drawing/cartooning classes with our local Young Rembrandts. Did he ever love it too!

Since we ran out of room of the fridge to showcase his artwork I thought I would share a bit of it here.

CAM02157The theme was “Summer Fun”

I love this one. I personally can barely make a recognizable stick figure but I do so enjoy the art that others create. hehe





CAM02154There was some homework too. And he was inspired by his teacher so much that he completed it without me having to say a word.




CAM02149He did many more. In fact, again, on his own, he created a picture just for his teacher. It was an extra he did the night before his last class. These go for three days, two hour a day.



Its amazing to watch and see the art of creation There is so much more to this. In only three days – a steady focus and attention to detail; calming even when he is having a rough day. This is great on so many levels!



5 thoughts on “It’s a Virtual Fridge :-)

  1. It is fun to watch our children’s creativity in their art. That looks like a fun class. He did a great job. I agree about not being able to draw a straight line, which makes me even more impressed with what the kids can do.

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