Passing it On ….

I read this one, almost immediately this morning it jumped out at me while I was reading… And so, I had to share because it was just such a blessing to me.

Do the summers wear you out? I find myself so much more tired; perhaps because there is so much more we do now. Trying to enjoy beaches and swimming, sand castles, farmers markets, gardens, nature walks…. I am tired and achy. I need a nap. haha



With love from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine:


Hey Mama,

See that little smile? One day, that will be the same sweet mouth but bigger. Same face, but more mature. Same eyes but looking at you in a different light. Same head but much bigger. A deeper voice, one that speaks to you in a different “language” than now. See those little hands that hold yours tightly? Someday, those hands will match your own in size – or be much larger. They will still hold yours.

Invest. Be available. Keep doing what you already are, because it‘s working. It will pay off. Nothing is more important in this life right now than the call of Motherhood, the call of serving your family, the call of loving your husband, the call of being a Daughter of the King and simply walking under His wing. Do not lose that momentum.

See that tiny heart you are shaping today? In future days it will look much different; it will in turn beat strong and true, and minister to your own heart. You have done the work of a faithful Mama.

Keep going. Stay available. Do not grow weary. Carry on, continue, do not grow weary. Rinse. Repeat. Stay the course because there is so much PURPOSE, so much harvest you will see. JOY is yours, faithful Mama. Keep your eyes on the Lord; His hand is on your head. And He will never leave you.


Be blessed and remember that there are eyes that see! What a reward we have already! And more to come; it’s gonna be worth it ❤


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