Belated Friday Five ~

It’s been quite a week thus far!  It’s been hot and humid; cold and wet ~ Crazy days in Wisconsin! hehe


So, I am reading and planning the next level of our home education. We homeschool year round but I like to stay on top of things 🙂

We also have a sweet girl from France staying with us; she has been such fun to show around, hang out with at home ~ she enjoys the children and they do her too. She has been so impressed with our church and how we educate our children at home. Different worlds.

We lost a gecko. My son, who is soon 5, was kind enough to allow lil sister to hold his lizard, Lizzie, and now we cannot locate her. Pray for us please that our lil lizard will come back soon. His friend misses him so much.

I am soon going to begin the 7 Keys Certification program. I love the idea of it all and let’s face it, I need to get my skills so that I can better mentor my children in their education We all have to grow right> It’s time for me to break out those books and study again alongside my kiddos.

My garden is going crazy – weeds,weeds, everywhere. But I am seeing signs of life on the berry bushes and our lil apple trees are budding too! I am so hopeful ~ Its been years of planting and sowing; this year perhaps will be a real harvest. God willing. hehe

So that’s my Friday Five – Saturday –  I do pray all of you have a blessed weekend. Off for now to the water show and fireworks (if the rain holds out!)


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