Outdoors in June with Poppins Book Nook

Its another month (I am a bit late in joining now, yes! please forgive me) I have really been looking forward to this one too as we have spent so much time outside. Between our sowing and tending our garden; landscaping projects, and just fun times (think bubbles, chalk, kite flying, boating and nature hikes…)  there is always lots of fun to be had in these warmer days!

Ultimately this summer has been all about bugs for us! heh All three of my children love bugs. They are so curious – what are they? What are they for? How do they eat? What do they eat? So it made sense when we stumbled across, at a book sale:  bugs


What a fun book. A way for curious kids to meet fuzzy, prickly, , slimy caterpillars in a rainbow of colors. They can see giant water bug babies hatching from  their eggs and tiny praying mantis nymphs swarming about on leaves. The  photographs are amazing, showing these little bug babies in all their glory, as they squirm and hop, sting and bite (ouch!), and munch their way to adulthood. The text is so simple, engaging littler ones in the lives and ways of baby bugs of all kinds, fascinating all fans and even making my older son intrigued by the various creepy, crawly bugs out there!

June Poppins Book Nook: The Great Outdoors - 3Dinosaurs.com

If you’re interested in joining this month’s Poppin Nook Book club, here’s what you need to do…

  • Comment below and let us know that you are joining in!
  • Pick your favorite Great Outdoors book (or something new; have fun!) and read it with..
  • Share an activity, project, craft, cooking project, related to the book.
  • Come back and share it with us as part of a Great Outdoors blog hop on Monday, June 30th! Can’t make that date? Join us when you can.

Here are many other  wonderful and fun folks to check out:

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Poppins Book Nook - 3Dinosaurs.com


Upcoming themes (and my boys cannot wait for this next one):

  • July 28th – Ye Old Pirates!
  • August 25th – What Will I Be When I Grow Up?
  • September 29th – The Wild West
  • October 27th – Beyond Our Planet
  • November 29th – To the Kitchen
  • December – No Book Club
  • January – To The Laboratory
  • February 23 – Poetry

Don’t forget to check out the lap book that Enchanted Homeschooling Mom has for this month’s theme! 🙂

June Poppins Book Nook: The Great Outdoors - 3Dinosaurs.com


I hope that you can join up with us! I love looking at all the different ideas! And like me this month find a new book to possibly fall in love with!


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