You (I) are(am) Loved ~ Week 4

“God is disappointed in you.You are never going to be good enough.  If people knew what you are really like, they would see your shame and shortcomings.”

What voices are we listening to in our minds or in our heart?

We all wear a mask. Whether we know it or not. There are times and places and people where we are different. We are not who we are. We are who they want us to be. There are moment when we see how imperfect we are; how we do not measure up to this or that. Maybe we think they have it all together; we do not. Truth is they do not either. .

Keeping it real. None of us are perfect. We will never be perfect. Those things that discourage us and make us think that we cannot do this? Those are not the voices we are to listen to. Do you think that now that we are children of His, He would want to discourage us? He does not want us to ever feel defeated for we are more than conquerors.

Who are we trying to please? When someone calls you a Jesus Freak or a fanatic, how do we respond? Why must we be concerned with what others think about the way we live, and the things we love? They do not know, nor understand, what it means to know God. To really know Him. To hear His voice; to feel His presence. If we walk according to His Spirit, we know without any doubt that God is in control; He is always faithful and His promises are true. We must embrace not just who we are but whose we are. And why not show it and share it with all those we meet?

Jesus says the Kingdom of Heaven is for those who are like a child. Are we converted? Are we as full of faith and trust, are we eager and curious and joyful like a child? Do we love unconditionally and lean on God at all times? In all things?

My son lost his gecko in our house the other day. This ism y son’s best friend right now. He wanted to do a good deed and bring his sister a bit of joy. So he let her hold “Lizzie” and when he came back from his bathroom break gone she was. My daughter and my son both prayed and they are still praying that this lizard will be cared for by Jesus and brought back home. Its that innocence of a child; we may not see Lizzie, but Jesus knows just where she is. Simple faith. Running to Him with all of our cares.

Who feels things more than children? Who is more open to His spirit? Hearing and obeying; walking in faith. Children. And we can be too. If we be converted….

“….we need to recognize that being a great lover is one of the best accomplishments we can attain to and it makes us most like Christ. Loving generously and deeply is a beautiful mantle for a woman to wear. Jesus said that Christians would be truly known in the world, by our love…”

Do we put on that mantle of love? We have welcomed so many exchange students into our home; converted and non-converted friends and family…I ponder often; do they feel His love? Do they see the love of Christ in us and in our home? There are days I have to look, try anyway, through my eyes as though I were a stranger, to see what they see. Praying lead me Jesus, to showing you all the more.

“We cannot be free to love as long as we are dwelling on our self, our own inadequacies, bitterness, lack of forgiveness for ourselves or for others. Jesus desires us to live freely, no condemnation hanging over our heads, so that we become freer to love others well.”

I John 1: 9 across it. “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

We cannot forget how powerful His love is; we cannot forget that we are His children. We are chosen, adopted, redeemed, precious, the apple of His eye. We can not allow ourselves to forget that!

I pray often, praying and asking Him to allow me to see the purpose in all things, all those little moments, the struggles and the joys. I want His eyes, that I can see and walk in the Spirit  bringing glory to God because of it. I do believe we should always pray, always seek and ask God to open your eyes to see His purpose and His will. When storms come, when the thorns prick more than usual, we need to pray all the more for Jesus to make His will known to us. There is power in His name; there is glory for the Lord, to be had in every moment. If we listen, if we can be still, trust in Him, and then obey when the Spirit moves on us.

Glory to God 😀




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