Whattcha Reading?

  I love to read. You know that right?? In fact I am reading some amazing things right now and I just had to share with you 🙂

Do let me know what you are reading too! Its always good to share some good books, not that twaddle either, but things we can read and grow through. I have always been an avid reader and as the years have progressed while it has been a struggle to read as I used to, its been a joy too, to share the gems of my youth with my kids, 🙂

So what I am reading right now (well last month, and this month and maybe some into next month too!) *drumroll*

Parenting with Scripture: A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments. Okay this one is more of a resource. Its an excellent tool though. There are about 101 alphabetically ordered topics addressing behavior, attitude, emotions, and actions. These include things like forgiveness, humility, anger and procrastination. Each topic includes scripture passages, discussion questions, action items, and parenting tips. Questions and tips are written so older children can teach younger children too.  Great for us home educating mommas who have multiple ages; talk about teaching as a team! This really is a must have for any parents; I have gone to this many times already. And I keep it handy by our teaching table too, for when those moments arise that we may combat the things which need to be stamped out, quickly and according to His word. It is true that our children do not come with a manual but God’s word definitely makes all the diference and Kara Durbin, in this book, makes sure to write in such a way that we not only understand and see how to recognize teachable moments but also she guides us step by step. May we train up our children well


I am also reading *working* through True Woman 101: Divine . Design. Yikes! This is a keeper; this is not a quick read. Do not rush. Pray a lot as you go through these pages. Seek God and His will and truth in your life.This is pretty heavy stuff. Its deep; it requires truth and reflection; search the heart and mind as you journey through this one. Its a book and workbook all in one. Such a gem though. What it means according to the world we live in, and how God defines woman according to His word, if we are not careful we can be deceived. And knowing who we are, and whose we are, is imperative to our walk with God! This book goes through the fundamentals of biblical womanhood in an eight week study. Each week includes five daily lessons leading to a group time of sharing and digging deeper into God’s Word. (I did not do this in a group but perhaps one day I can gather some ladies together!) There are also on-line videos are available to further aid in the study of Biblical Womanhood, featuring Mary and Nancy who are so very encouraging to women; inspiring all to discover and embrace God’s design and purpose for their lives.This is such a powerful study and I do plan to read this again, and blog my journey, although it may take me more than five weeks. haha  Again though, it is so important for us to have our identity firmly rooted in Christ; we were fearfully and wonderfully made. May we never forget that. And may we never take lightly His love and purpose for our life! ❤

Currently I am using The Quiet Place, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss as a daily devotional. It is very basic, well written and simple in its teachings. So much of it has history woven into the stories she tells to go with each day’s scripture. Its beautiful; eye opening on many levels too. I do enjoy devotionals and this one is surely another I shall add to my collection. Especially for those days that we are on the go and I need my bread. I can grab this and find not just His word but the beauty woven into it and the creation about us all. I do believe there is so much we gain when we not just hear and read His word but apply it. And historically, spiritually, in all facets of life then and now, it is alive!

My son and I are reading all about King David via the Get to Know Series. Its my new love too!  They have a number of them for different men and women in the Bible. These are awesome. So many tidbits scattered about within the book; historical facts. I love the archeological proofs they show, things found, that can only confirm His word. I think David is probably my son’s favorite right now, the man after God’s own heart. I am pleased that this is one my son desires to be like. I love this book! It is simple; colorful and as I said before, full of fun facts. I was amazed and learned much myself as we studied this one together! They do not just cover the stories but they shares resources; they go so much deeper. A plethora of tools for youth to use to continue seeking and learning about David, and God’s Word in general. So much to see; living and learning in a way that really brigs David himself, the life he lived, this helps it to come alive. Its a living and breathing book as Charlotte Mason might say 🙂 These are a must have really.

I was also blessed with a copy of The Turning and its 40 day devotional ebook. This is definitely quite interesting. It’s a novel; it speaks to God’s call to us all. It is inspiring with characters that are alive; its personal in that you find yourself within the pages, journeying along with the men and women within the book. I do believe this is one to read as a reminder of God’s power in our lives. When we are still; when we are patient and we trust in Him, believing on those promises made within His word, to us all, its one to keep that fire burning within, for Him. It’s a sermon, it is a truth we need to hear and remember. It is powerful if we read and believe. We must seek out ways to hear Him; we must kill that rebellious spirit and joyfully obey His word. Every bit of it. I do enjoy a good fiction account now and then, this definitely is one to be added to my list and I will be seeking out other books of his in the future.

Then there was Reforming China’s Churches. Last year we hosted a student from China. He had a fabulous year with us; absolutely embraced our faith, fell in love with the Lord.It was beautiful to watch. It made me think as he was preparing to leave, how different it is for us, versus them, to worship. To read and study and pray. We can. In many cases there, they cannot. It is dangerous. Yet they have such a love, they worship with such abandon. I remember seeing this amazing video of people n China receiving Bibles for the very first time. It was so powerful; so sweet. It reminded me of how deep our love for Christ is to be. China is growing; the evangelical faith is so great there. It is moving in an amazing way. This book is not just a look at China and the faith there as we know it today, but it is historical. It goes so much deeper. It shows the challenges faced within this country; the struggles as well as the joys, in their faith as it grows ever more. certainly there is much power in their generation.

So this is my reading for now. What’s yours?         

Be blessed!



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