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Homeschool Piano Review  We are music lovers in this home. For years I played, and so when my oldest son began to take an interest, I was so excited 🙂  Even better, we were given the chance to review an amazing online program, with a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION for up to five students (for now its my son and I) to: HomeSchoolPiano(  –  The Complete Set of Books.
Homeschool Piano Review HomeSchoolPiano is a 6-step method of teaching the  fundamentals of piano including lessons on:

  • technique
  • rhythm
  • ear training
  • improvisation
  • song
  • reading
  • writing music

Lessons can be done on mobile devices, tablets, laptops or desktops, and songs can be practiced on a piano or keyboard with at least 49 keys.(this is what we used ourselves) Click here to read more about the equipment. After viewing the video lessons, students may have a quiz or pages to complete in the book which you can download.

This is excellent for beginners or even those with some musical background. HomeschoolPiano doesn’t just teach how to read music, it goes beyond that to creating your own music (my oldest son has written a couple pages already!) This is a perfect way to learn piano at a pace that works for everyone at their age and skill level, whatever it may be. We have gone through lessons repeatedly ourselves. Much slower since I have had two little ones involved also (they are 2 and 4).

You can purchase HomeschoolPiano in one of  2 ways. The Success Package for $299 (one payment) or a payment plan with which you pay $99.97 per month for 3 months. This gives you unlimited lifetime access to HomeSchoolPiano and all of their awesome extras (downloads, jam tracks, sheet music, etc) for a maximum of 5 students.


We only created one login since my oldest was the main user of this initially.  He would go through this almost daily. He really enjoys music and has been taking a break from music lessons with an awesome and fun teacher on guitar. Since they also did a lot with a keyboard it was fun to see how much he really got out of his lessons. Sometimes you know, we wonder if some of these things stick? hehe

However my oldest son is not very good at staying still and worksheets are not his thing. Some days it was hard to get through the videos; he is a bit more about doing, Eager and excited to create music and art. Suffice to say we read through a lot of the worksheets and would do what we could verbally. I do not want to stifle his creative spirit and take away that joy. 🙂

Eventually my son and daughter (he is four she is two) got involved in this too. My four year son old really liked the videos and would watch them very closely (he is my detail boy) before attempting what he saw, as best he could, on our keyboard. And my daughter did a bit of both; nothing unexpected for being so young. But she did sit with us and do her best! She would “sing along” as one of us played. Did I mention the lessons are short enough to keep the attention span of young kids? And for those who need that hands-on like my oldest for the most part you can see and do right along with the video teaching.

I admit I love how simple and malleable this program is for all my kids really to work through somewhat independently. Since we will be continuing to use this I am sure, as they get older it will be even more useful for all three children allowing them to work at their own pace, on their own time. Being able to repeat the lessons is a big benefit too; in many cases we repeated lessons a few times. Make sure it sinks in. I really liked the worksheets and quizzes too even though we did not use them as often with my older son. I liked being able to see what they were covering and have discussion about these things with him as we went along. For my younger two, this will be very beneficial too. I have to admit I do wish there was a way to access the videos offline; when we did have computer issues (and my husband says I always have impossible ones) it made things a bit more difficult. Aside from that though this is a very flexible program which can work for any age and for any type of student.

Its an excellent program all around. it encourages creative thought by teaching how to read music and create your own music. It also helps train your ear, encourages improvisation, and at the same time is full of musical theory that is needed to be able to read and play music at all levels. Practical, simple and engaging…What a winner!!

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4 thoughts on “HomeSchoolPiano ~ Schoolhouse Review

  1. I know you got this to review but if you want to try a great website about starting piano go on He is a good teacher, the classes are not more then ten minutes, and the videos are free.

  2. From all of us at Jazzedge, we thank you for your unbiased review. Hope you enjoy the lessons!

    1. We just feel SO blessed to have had this opportunity!! It really is such a great program and I know we will continue to use it and enjoy it as we grow musically 🙂

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