You (I) are(am) Loved ~ Week 5

“Taking time to look back and remember builds upon the evidence that God is indeed trustworthy. He always has, and He always will be.

I have been looking back this afternoon. Today we said farewell to our young visitor from France. She had such a gentle, yet somewhat broken and fragile spirit. It was interesting to watch her transform in her brief stay with us. And it made me realize that every time we open our door to one of these youth, they are not just experiencing a different culture but they are experiencing God.

And there is always a reaction; there is always some kind of response. From all of us.

  Do we really trust Him?  We must remember that God sees the whole picture.  I only see only my my limited view of the situation, and from a perspective that is not always less than selfish. Scripture tells us that He works all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes (Romans 8: 28). I have to trust that. I have to trust His word. For He is not slack in His promises. God always provides. Especially in the storms, when the waves toss us about, we need remember that nothing we face, is unknown to God. He approves our yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows. And its all for His glory. We just have to trust Him even if we do not see the fruit just yet.

I admit, I struggle with trusting Gods ometimes. Today. When this young girl was just really opening up; wanting to learn about Jesus, and why we do the things we do, for Him. As our family was becoming a part of her, why was it then, time to go? I sent her off with plenty of worship music, she will be in touch with a Paris church when she is finally home, yet I prayed I would be able to do more. For Him of course, in her life. Our “daughter” in Brazil now – she was baptised in Jesus name, holy ghost filled, tongue talking – is now back home and has stopped living for Him while convincing herself at the same time that she is still in a good place. Our “son” from China – he too was baptised and spoke in tongues, evidence of Holy Ghost filling – he comes back to the states for another year but will be in Maine – so far. He was so desperate to return to his church and friends here. And our very first “daughter”, in Jordan, saved and sanctified while I still did not want to hear His words, His call. Yet all of them heard His call, answered and then ….

We are never told that living for Him is easy. But we have to remember to see things, pray for Him to show us, through His eyes. Only then an we truly cast our cares upon Him in total faith.  No matter what seems to be happening; however hard it may be we must remember that God is love (1 John 4: 8).  When terrible, awful things happen we have to know that these things occurring, it does not mean God has done it. He does not condone it. We must believe that God will bring something good out of it. In His time. Not ours. There’s that trust, that faith, once again.  We need it. God is El Roi, the one who sees and the one who restores (Psalm 80: 3)

I have learned. and continue to learn, to trust God because He really has done such amazing works in my life. I look back and am so thankful for the hard times, the darkness and the pain, those difficulties God allowed me to walk through, those are experiences that taught me to rely on Him. I look around, and I see so many people who have been  touched in amazing, miraculous ways.I cannot forget.



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