Hear and Obey

Call me a bully, call me a Pharisee – whatever you want to call it but truth is truth and I will NOT sit by and comfort people with lies.

I cannot agree that where we are is good enough. It is better than where we were but we cannot use that as an excuse. We need to do the work; we need to stand up and get those spiritual muscles exercised. We cannot do this walk if we are filled with excuses and reason; we cannot wait on God to do for us when we are doing nothing for HIM. Its my son when he was younger crying “I cannot try”  But we can and we will try!

I will not see light and dark walking together and agree that no harm will come in this. God is clear. We are called to be SEPARATE. We are not of this world so if we are so comfortable in the world and with the people of the world, perhaps we need to rethink what really matters. If they are not HIS, if they do not love those things that are of Him – what purpose do we have in gathering together? Bad company corrupts good character no matter who it is. Did He not cause war between mothers and sons and fathers and daughters and cousins?

Its about eternity! None are worth losing eternity for. Pray HIS will be done; pray IN THE SPIRIT and prayer has ever more power and purpose than praying in the flesh. It is not our will to be done but His will. We cannot deceive ourselves that those voices are God telling us to do and be those things we desire. How far are we from Him that we are so sure in our salvation, in our place in Heaven? Do we not know His word or are we busy being deceived by those who offer comforting words and tell us just what we want to hear?

Why do we not challenge those in the faith instead of telling them that they are fine the way they are? Yes we are all in our own walk with God but there are things that are just not okay. I am not saying we hand people a checklist of do’s and don’t but we have to stop letting people be comfortable with where they are. Contend earnestly for the faith ; not when you have time. Not when its convenient. To obey is better than sacrifice. What are you giving Him? What are you letting go of? It doesn’t matter what we offer if it is not what He is asking for.


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