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We recently were given the opportunity  to review Mathletics from 3P Learning. Prior to this, I had never heard of Mathletics before and so I was eager to give it a try. I received a one-year family membership for up to two students. As one who has always struggled with math, I know the value and importance of strong mathematics skills so i am always on the look out for a program that will hep encourage a love (or at least a like) of math, in my children.

So what is Mathletics? This is a multi-award winning learning resource that provides a safe and engaging online place for learning for K-12 students. There are more than 1200 individual adaptive activities, a live math section, weekly reports (mine came in my email every week), testing tools, and awesome printable workbooks to use alongside the online activities. Mathletics is meant to be a supplemental program and is recommended to be used for approximately 20 minute, three sessions a week. There are also printable workbooks in the parent login section for each grade and concept however we did not use these very much. My oldest son (who is eight) really struggles with worksheets and so we tend to do things as often as possible, verbally, or in an online format such as this. A full year subscription for two students is valued at $179, but is currently discounted at $59 per student. I am not sure how long this will last but why not try it out yourself and see?
Its neat to see, when you first login, the Mathletics Hall of Fame. IT lists the top 100 worldwide students, the top 50 worldwide classes, the top 50 US classes, and also the top 100 USA students. Talk about a great way to encourage your kids to do more. My oldest son has a bit of a competitive streak so its a goal of his to get onto one of these lists before his time on Mathletics is complete. Speaking of which, there is even a Live Mathletics section; my son really enjoys visiting, to play against others who are online. I think he may have won once or twice too. 🙂

So when we began with Mathletics my son got to set up his own avatar on the program. He loved this part and the fact that he can earn tokens to change the appearance of their avatar; their background or just fun accessories – its a huge motivator for him. He was also able to customize a theme for his page; he loves this part of it! Might I add my very creative son spent quite a bit of time designing his avatar before we were able to move on? lol He goes there often too just to mix it up a bit. hehe

Once he completed his creation, we focused on the main console. The think tank he called it. This is where they can choose: problem solving, activities, live mathletics, rainforest math or times tables toons. There is also a neat section (older students may appreciate it more, and us parents) called concept search. I consider it a math dictionary. It is chock full of explanations of all the mathematics skills being learned, and for a math challenged mom like me, I can see this being quite handy later on. I admit to spending a bit of time in there myself. There is also a Task Manager which allows you to assign up to 10 activities to your child; we didn’t use this ourselves but if my older son was a bit more independent in things, this could be a definite plus for me!

My two boys loved the Times Tables Toons. Since multiplication tables have been a bit of a struggle for my older son too, it was nice to see something that really perked him up. He loved the songs and  characters; I wish there Mp3 player even for when we are biking around. Seemed to certainly make remembering his times tables easier! We also spent time in the activities portion of this program. I really liked that he was able to choose his activities and also that he could go back and repeat any, should he need to do so. We also spent some time in the Rainforest math but I did not really see any great progress in his math skills during his time there. I like how in the activities section there is a button to click to select easier or harder,my son did need some  adjusting here and there. And it worked like a charm both ways, for us.

We really are enjoying our time with this program. I love seeing my oldest son choose to do math each day. Without fighting. Its a refreshing addition to our homeschool for certain! I definitely want to keep this in mind too for when my little ones are older. For now though we are enjoying this one, games and workbooks and all, with a new respect (maybe one day a love) for mathematics.

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2 thoughts on “Mathletics Online Math Resource (3P Learning Review) ~ Schoolhouse Review

  1. It is really interesting to read each different review. Each person picks out different things to highlight about the program. Each family’s experience with it slightly different.

    The section we covered for 9th grade had loads of metrics in it. That didn’t go over very well here… 😦

    1. I agree!! Since mine are so young its nice to read reviews from the upper levels too. Gives me ideas to keep in mind for future use when, one day, they are in that place – especially since I am sooooo mathematically challenged! ha-ha

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