Always Surprised!

As my kids came home from their afternoon at the Urban Garden they were much more excited than usual. Why? Look what they found!

It’s an egg for a  Black swallowtail butterfly. Actually its more like 4-5 tiny eggs. Oh my!

I admit I was not very familiar with this one so once we got home it was off to the books, and then the internet. So we could learn more. How do we keep these eggs? What do we feed the caterpillar once these eggs hatch? And however do we keep them?

They are quite beautiful as butterflies; nothing lovelier if you ask me.    I am eager to make sure that I plant plenty of things they enjoy so hopefully after these are raised we will have more in the years to come.

As caterpillars though…I don’t know. Kind of creepy looking….I think 🙂 What’s your take on these?

Here’s where we found some details for history information of Black Swallowtails with a map to see if you could have these beautiful butterflies in your own garden.

Turns out its super simple to create a place for these lovely butterflies too. Just  planting parsley, dill, fennel, carrots in your garden provides a food source for these caterpillars in addition to flowers to provide nectar for the adult butterfly!  According to the books we had available too “Black Swallowtails use members of the carrot family (Apiaceae) including parsley, fennel, dill, Queen Anne’s Lace, and carrots.” Good stuff! I like their taste. 😛

I also searched the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. They have an amazing plant database searchable by plant family. How neat is that!  I don’t know plants that well so this is quite a helpful thing to have bookmarked, my kids all love the garden.

Its been a thrill filled day. Perhaps tomorrow we may begin seeking more details and seeds so we can begin planting a lovely butterfly garden for all to enjoy!



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