Friday Fun Fellowship!~

Its been such an exciting week for us! I cannot wait to share all that I am going to be (and have been) doing.
Great things are happening; God is moving in my life in amazing ways. Really giving me more direction for this season of my life, so….


Here’s my Random 5 for this week!

1) Our exchange student is here, all the way from China. She arrived over the weekend past and has been slowly getting used to the many differences between China and America. Not to mention our home educating, Christ centered home. She loves our church and is actually already out with the youth for a fun youth rally and a late night of bowling and pizza! Does it get any better than that? lol

2)  I just recently completed the Good Morning Girls group facilitator program and without a doubt this is God moving in my life because, my first session to lead? Its my very favorite lady and story within the pages of the Bible. So if you want to be a part of this do let me know. Love to have you as we journey through Esther and see what the Lord has for us there.

3) I am leading some ladies through their very first steps of home education. Recently I have had many seeking my advice, and my testimony, regarding home education in our home and family. I do believe, truly, God is calling more and more for us to bring our babies home so we can train them up right. Its so exciting to be a part of it all in the lives of others; to share in their excitement. And to be able to help them along in something that is such a priceless and amazing journey. A great work in faith too!

4) My baby turns 3 next week. My daughter, my little girl, not so little anymore. We will be heading up north to celebrate with family, this big day. Its amazing how fast it has gone but I am blessed that she still needs, no wants, to snuggle up with her momma. To sing and pray and praise with me, to be with me in every moment of our day together. She is so precious and every birthday that comes around, I tell you, it reminds me of why it is so wonderful to be home with her. These moments, they go too quickly.

5)  This weekend is a resting one. We are trying to begin resting on the Sabbath once again. Its been so long and I really feel God calling us to honor and rest, in His day of rest. I am sure it will be a process, getting a routine and plan for preparation in order. But I do know that the time with family; with us focusing on the Lord, it shall be blessed. 🙂

Its been a good week. And we are ready to rest and enjoy. How about you? Do share if you care to 🙂

Be blessed ❤


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