You (I) are(am) Loved ~ Week 7


John 13:34 says, A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Jesus commands us to love one another the same way He loves us…with a sacrificial love.  That means we are to love with a love that is willing to go the extra mile; to pay a greater price. A love that even if it is inconvenient, even if it hurts, does it anyway. A love that is not just words, but words wrapped in actions. (Good Morning Girls)

Love is an obedient choice. When you choose to love others, that is the moment you are most like Jesus.
love heals relationships
love is a salve to wounds
love is the beginning of friendship
love initiates
love inspires others
love comforts                                 -Sally Clarkson

So how do we love others as He loves us all the time? How can we be known by others, by our love? It’s so hard to love someone; to put ourselves last when everything in life tells us that its all about us. And those people we do not even like, where do we begin to show them love? I can be very transparent, there are people that I just do not like. They just rub me the wrong way; folks that no matter what they say or do, its an irritant. That lady who is constantly talking so loud and has to be in our face; that guy who always smells a bit funny…how do we love those people?

I spent many years as a social worker in a large city, in the inner city, dealing with things that were unimaginable to me before I really saw them in action. I look back and how I wish I had the love of Christ to share with my clients back then but all I had was my time and dedication. It was my job yes, but they were people who were hurting. In some cases i was due to their own choices in life yet still, there was a desire for something more. Something better. And I gave them as much as I could. I loved them in their mess. Many of them I still think of to this day; I pray for so many that I remember and to this day hold dear because I loved them then as I do now. Even if there have been many years and miles.

“Love is God’s universal language that reaches into the hearts of others and shows them their worth in God’s eyes and in ours! Loving others is the basis for our Kingdom work—spreading the Kingdom of Jesus in our world, by sowing the seeds of Jesus’ love.” (Clarkson, Sally; Perritt, Angela)

Its so true. Such a challenge if we do not have God in us. Its a choice we must make; especially when its hard. I think of those people who are hard to love, I have a couple I admit, and what stops me from loving them most is what  expect from them. A response, a love returned. God says when we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. Often I do believe it can be the same with people; perhaps there are relationships that have not grown because we have not truly drawn near to them. But if we take the time; step outside of our comfort zone ~ I know when I step outside of myself (even a simple email or text to a friend) its all the difference. To them. When we show that love, we are His hands and His feet. We are His heartbeat. And everyone needs to have a strong heartbeat.


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