1 Samuel for Me (And you!)

Don’t you love the Book of Samuel? Both of them?

They are full of battles, murders, schemes and betrayals; shepherds and giants. It also tells the history of what happened when God gave his people the king they so desperately wanted (thought they needed. Through it all, it is a story, painting an amazing picture of our King of King, God, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. He has chosen for his people, Jesus (God in the flesh=Son of God)
Within these pages Tim Chester unfolds the pages of the Old Testament for us, sharing the deeper parts of Jesus’ rule for his people, and how we are to live, when we are living for Him.

This is a simple and yet it is so very deep. As with all of the books within the Bible this is written, to His chosen people. Then and now. His words are to guide us; these stories are to teach us. So much of the Old Testament, shows Jesus, types and shadows.

“This is a preached history. In other words, it is real history…but it is more than a record of events.” As we read we can see the conflicts then, if you look closer, you can see many of those same ones today. This makes you dig deeper, look a bit harder. There is so much we can learn from His word if we are seeking it. I love the comparisons within this book too ~ Saul and David. Considered together, side by side, we see how through the years David became “a man after God’s own heart” while Saul went in the opposite direction. Saul rejected God’s rule, yet knew where to turn when trouble came, it was then he sought God. It is dangerous indeed for as we saw, the spirit of God left Saul. How sad!! Saul became the king that replaced God’s rule, instead of mediating God’s on His ways, instead of liberating God’s people, he oppressed them and instead of exalting God, Saul exalted himself. (kindle loc. 1156). Surely this same thing is at work in the lives of some today even. Who are we seeking after? When are we seeking Him and why? Is it truly out of a love and desire to know and obey Him or is it just for our own gain>

As written in  reference to 1 Samuel 1.1-2.11, “It is worth it, because God, the  King is coming, and when He comes He will turn the world upside down…Hannah sings: “He humbles and he exalts. He raises the poor from the dust…and makes them inherit a throne of honor” (1 Samuel 2:7-8) (25).” There are two sides of history to choose from; the kingdom of God’s King or the kingdom of this world (24). God does not change; in fact I love how He promises us He will never change. It is always clear to us what we ought to do.

As you read too you will find questions for reflection too; great ways to encourage and challenge yourself. One example, “How is Hannah’s prayer encouraging to your own prayers?”

There is so much to explore in the pages of this book. Revelations, reflections, types and shadows of Christ who is to come. As you read Chester explains and walks you through each chapter, breaking down the passages for you, Old Testament and New Testament. This shows the testimony, again and again, of the fulfillment of His promise in Genesis 3:15–that there would be a solution to the sin problem and the promises to Abraham that they shall be fulfilled in the King of Israel who will redeem all of his people. This is, as Paul says, “making it clear” is how he ought to speak (Col. 4:3-4), Clarity of thought and expression in abundance!




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