Happy Kids Songs ~ A Schoolhouse Review

We are blessed to be a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Recently, as I was really praying and seeking materials to begin teaching my three children about character, and virtue, we were given the Happy Kids Songs!;  Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social & Emotional Skills ($12.56) and the mp3’s to download songs from Volume 1: Friends & Sharing, Volume 7: Happiness & Attitude, and Volume 6: Manners & Character ($4.95 per set), ages 4-8, to review. (mine are 2, 4, and 8 *awesome*) If you are only looking for certain songs you can purchase them for only 99 cents each, and the Happy Kids Songs Workbook  can be purchased for $12.56.

All sets of songs are available both as an MP3 or an iTunes download; there are 5 songs to each set and 8 sets to choose from. The themes of each set are:

  1. Friends & Sharing
  2. Social Skills & Bullying
  3. Feelings & Fears
  4. Practice & Success
  5. Talking & Listening
  6. Manners & Character
  7. Happiness & Attitude
  8. Respect & Responsibility

We are a very musically oriented family; we love to sing and music is always playing in our home whether in the background or as the focus of what we do. In fact there are many things my kids have learned, in the blink of an eye, because of a catchy tune. Happy Kid’s Songs is like that. The songs are so much fun; super catchy too. We put the songs on a CD so we could listen as we drive; we also put them on the MP3 players our kids have. Almost daily, I can hear them singing as they go about their day. Music is such a blessing when it teaches like this! It makes lessons that otherwise may not be so fun, alot more enjoyable for all of us.  Can I say I often catch myself singing, “quirks are things everybody’s got, some a few, some a lot, some are cute and some are not, quirks need some understanding.”  I think I have now better learned that lesson myself.  My oldest sings, “when I hear maybe it drives me crazy…tell me there’s no way; straight without gravy.”  wonder why. 😛   My younger two just love singing, “if you never try you never know, never know new things how they go…”  As I said we are quite fond of a good tune in this house, and these really have caught on.  Its a fun way to learn and grow with our children because really, we all need to work on some things right?   


The Happy Kids Song Workbook that we received has also been very well used. My oldest is quite the artist so he really enjoyed being able to complete pictures and color them. Since he took a few art classes this summer, its also a great way for him to learn character and virtue while exercising the techniques he learned in his classes. And there are other fun activities too! My four year old son loved being able to draw the faces on different heads – it helped him too, as his vocabulary grows, to see and be able to show me some days, he is scared, angry, surprised. It became a bit of a game (still is) to figure out how we feel. We even have paper plate faces to wear so we can practice recognizing the emotions in ourselves and others, and then planning how to respond to each one. Its a nice way to build relationships too with one another. Along with that comes expressing why we feel the way we do, angry when (fill in the blanks), helping big and little ones to learn how to express their feelings, communicate those feelings to others and then resolve them, or get help doing so. My oldest struggles a lot with self control right now in fact, so many of these exercises were an excellent way to reflect on what has been done, and what should be done, in these situations. Other pages include complete the drawing, crossword puzzles, mazes, picture hunts, connect the dots, tracing, word scramble, tic-tac-toe,  word searches,and                                                                                matching games even. And there are fun crafts and baking activities too. Did I mention by the way, the lyrics to all of the songs, are in this workbook too? Like I said, we absolutely love this workbook! 😀

If you are not sure if this is something your family would enjoy, you can listen to some samples here and even sign up for their free song and activities here. 🙂

As they say “Happy kids learn better”


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