We Must Go Back …..

Have you ever felt tired? Walking with God is work? If you feel that way, let me encourage you. Because I have been there. I remember those days when it took every bit of me to get to church; to lift my hands and praise and worship Him. It happens.And when it does happen, what can we do?

First of all let me say it has always helped me, to light that fire and get my lamp full again, to listen to worship music. Really listen. To sing and dance, clap my hands and lift my hands high in the air. It happens a lot, mostly with my children. All three love to sing; in fact they ask for certain songs to be played all the time and then they sing and they dance. Nothing lifts your spirits more than little ones worshiping, totally free, giving it all to God. Ah to be like those children; much we can learn from them right?

I also am a big reader. Some days I just have to read. When I am feeling out of it, when His word is work, I need to read and hear from Him. I read notes from our preaching. I take lots of notes so i ca always go back. In fact lately, its been on my heart to write those notes out; blogging through our services, as I can. To share all that has been revealed to me, to those in the body of Christ. So many wonderful gems and I remember once, a favorite visiting preacher saying, it doesn’t matter how great the sermon is if it does not change us. We cannot truly hear without moving forward. Application of the Word is everything! Perhaps it was when my son fell, long ago, from pretty high up on a play yard set … no broken bones, no concussion, no bruises, and there should have been something – God catches him (so my son says).  Our children, all three blessings from the Lord; what has He done in their lives? What has He moved us to do for their lives? Testify. It is powerful. DO not forget what the Lord has done ❤

Remember what company you keep. In times when we struggle to live for Him, to love Him and be in obedience to Him … Who is with us? Consider the company you keep. Are they those who lift you up or tear you down? Do they encourage and inspire and challenge you or do they lull you to sleep telling you things are fine, assuring you that God loves and you love Him and that is enough? We need to be challenged; we need others around us who have been there; perhaps they are there right now even. But they challenge you, and themselves, to go further. To not give up. To stand strong and know that they can do anything, with God on their side/ Do not be, do not be with, those who are complacent.

be strong, be courageous, be of good cheer – the Lord is our joy, He is our strength. Know that some times prayer are not answered and we just have to trust Him; some folks cannot be saved. Some cannot be healed. All can be prayed for, yet only God can save. Only He can deliver us. And fill us full of the bread and the water that will keep us from ever hungering or thirsting. We must trust Him; we must read His word. His word, not the words of others about His word. Love it, cherish it, know it better than anything else. For it is good ALL the time.
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.(IS 40:31)

And always, if you seek truth, seek truth, from Him for God reveals to those who are seeking Him with ALL their heart. And I do teach, Bible studies, prayer ~ If you love the things of God, if you want more, please ask. He always provides!! ❤




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