Fellowship Friday

Happy Friday!!

And a very happy birthday to my dear little girl who turns three today. How the years have gone by. Far too fast for this momma *bittersweet*

She has grown so much; from a baby to a little girl who loves God; who sings and worships, praises and prays ~ shows love to her family and her baby dolls; loves all things pony and butterfly. Our day was spent with grandparents, great grandparents, and tons of fun at Bay Beach. A little amusement part a ways from our house full of fun rides for kids of all ages and sizes. So affordable too!!!  What a fun day; hot and humid but fun. 🙂

I am a contributor at Year Round Homeschooling  An awesome opportunity to share my skills as a homeschooler, and better my writing skills. I am their art and foreign language contributor. Since i have an artist and a little linguist in my home (my oldest strives to learn Chinese, French, Spanish and Latin) it is  exciting to share what we use and how we learn. Sometimes together as a family sometimes just on our own. And with all the fun games and tools we use, the opportunity to share just thrills me. With a heart that is sold out to home education; being able to share, even a bit, of how it can really be done, easy peasy, I pray it is a blessing to someone.

I am also going to be faciltating an online study of the Book of Esther. Beginning September 1st, I will guide a group of ladies via email and also blog here regarding this amazing story within the pages of the Bible. What it means, how it applies to every one of us. Such an inspiring woman she was. I do believe this is going to be a fabulous study; one led by God alone; I am excited fr the revelations and applications that He will show. Let us be faithful in this study!

The grandparents are with us this weekend. We have a small home so they are living in our living room for their visit. Three days. It is already a bit challenging. We are looking forward to the weekend although we are not sure what exactly it will hold. Always a joy to be able to bring others to our church for worship and praise and prayer. We have had so many amazing and powerful sermons lately too; as the time (I believe) of His return draws nearer; let us gather together all the more …God is doing many great things. Preparing….

I am beginning a free class online. I saw it a couple weeks ago and while i sure o not have the tie; I just could not resist. Laura Ingalls Wilder: Exploring Her Work and Her Life. How exciting right? Since it is free (lots other too) at the Canvas Network, I think I can work through this as time allows. Perhaps encourage my oldest son to be a part of it. Either way I definitely want to continue my own education as I can. More and more I see I need to return to learning; expanding my skills and knowledge. Perhaps I can further inspire my children too in our home education when they see me seeking out resources and exploring new topics.

For now though I had better sign off. With company it is probably not best for me to spend the evening blogging. 😛  Just had to catch up for the day though. Praying your Sabbath is a blessed one! ❤


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