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I know I have said it before but I feel I must say it again. Math is not a favorite subject in our home. We struggle to find a product that works in our family; my oldest son (8) hates math and my younger son (4) is just beginning but needs some encouragement. It has to be fun and yet not too drawn out. I was excited to review UberSmart Math Facts from UberSmart Software because I could see this could possibly fill a need in our home. As with all previous programs we have tried, there were some bumps along the road; we had good days and bad days but this was definitely something I was glad we had the chance to try!


UberSmart Math Facts is a Windows based software program that teaches basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. The program is geared for grades K-6, but it can be used by anyone at any age in need of mastery of their math facts or reinforcement even.

This program was designed by  Mr. David Kocurm a homeschool dad himself, and a computer programmer. Due to his own daughters dislike of math, as she had experienced it thus far, rather than looking for another program to try online, he went ahead and created his own. Thus UberSmart Math Facts was born. How inspiring right?

So UberSmart Math Facts downloads quickly and easily to your computer and it offers several varieties of math to choose from. I was quite pleased at the set-up process too since I am far from a computer genius. haha  It was not at all overwhelming and I loved how everything was so simple. Honestly, usually it takes a couple times and then my husband to get things working. I began playing with it myself immediately after I downloaded it. How fun (and scary) to know how rusty I am when it comes to my math facts! 
At the top of the program there are six choices.  You can choose to Learn, Practice, Test, Compete, Report, and Maintain. Let me explain how each of these options works. “Learn” is where you simply have to answer the flashcard shown to you. This is where children can begin to learn and discover answers. There’s no pressure, they are not timed. My youngest son spent most of his time here. “Practice” is where my oldest spent most of his time, and it’s very similar to “Learn” except here student types their answer rather than just saying it. There is a timer and you have the ability to change the settings as you need to. Initially ours was set all the way to 10 seconds, in the beginning (for my oldest) but as he progressed we moved it down to challenge him a bit more. The “Test” consists of two options: the first is an assessment test, good to take if you are unsure of your child’s abilities,  before they begin memorizing facts and there is also a mastery test for when there is more confidence of their abilities. “Compete” is where you see how many can be answered correctly in a set amount of time. (My oldest liked this one a lot; a bit competitive he is) and “Report” is the parents’ area, which reports on the students progress. There is also “Maintain” and this is where all the program settings are (add and change students, adjust the timing, and change your passwords).
With this program my younger son can practice skills with Dot Cards (think dominoes), while my older son can practice using the Keyboard, and Flash Cards for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all covered on this software. You also have the option of using addition and subtraction through the 9’s, and multiplication and division up to the 20’s.  With my oldest son we mostly used this for multiplication, but we also liked to use the compete program to keep up his addition and subtraction skills.  My younger son, as I said before, is just beginning his math skills but he really enjoyed very basic learning with the Dot Cards as well as very basic learning in addition. He really likes being able to count the dots and then locate and enter the correct number on the keyboard.  It really is a very simple, yet fun way, for kids to learn their facts.
The UberSmart Software is quite affordable too; only $24.95 and there are no additional products needed to make this work. It’s a great helper when it comes to math lessons providing very simple flash cards to help children learn and then maintain their facts. It’s simple to download and quick to set up. I definitely see us using the other cards in the years to come too!!

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